5 Simple Steps (And A Few Optional Ones)To Install A Glueless Wig In Minutes

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Easy to put on, low maintenance, and rocking—those three words perfectly describe a glueless wig for me!
Glueless wigs would quite literally be zero effort if we didn’t have to match the lace to the skin tone or melt it. But even with that part included, glueless wigs take the bare minimum effort to put on, comparatively, and save you A LOT of time! These wigs come in both frontal and closure styles, so if you are looking for something beginner-friendly, a closure wig might be a good choice. But if you want to rock a bold hairstyle with a lot of hairlines, go with a glueless frontal. In this article, we will focus on a frontal wig, but the same steps would apply to a closure (and less effort).

How To Install A Glueless Wig

Glueless wigs are designed for simplicity and fashion at the same time. There are just a few simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Get Your Hair in Order

If they are small enough, braid them flat on your scalp. If they are long, you can make them lie flat and braid near the base of your skull. The primary goal is to give your glueless wig a “level” playing field (no pun intended).

Step 2. Wear A Wig Cap

The choice of this wig cap depends upon various factors, including the wig you are putting on (its weight, body of hair, etc.) and your natural hair. However, since it’s a glueless wig, you don’t need a lot of “substance” between the wig and your natural hair so a thin wig cap is usually better. Whether you pick an HD, stocking, or mesh is your personal choice. Make sure the wig cap is properly in place before you get your glueless wig ready. You can avoid the wig cap if your hair is flat enough, but a wig is still recommended.

Step 3: Cosmetic Setting

Make sure your natural hairline, the area around the wig cap (all around), and the cap itself are clean. Even a mild makeup layer can cause the wig to not fit perfectly. The lace is visible, so you have to apply foundation such that it matches the skin tone and blends in with your skin tone.

Step 4. Further Blending (Optional)

At this point, you can put the human hair wig on if you’d like. But some of you may prefer to apply the foundation (that matches your natural skin tone) on the front of the lace from underneath. It just requires a little bit of brushing. The idea here is to make the lace of the glueless wig blend with your natural hairline.

Step 5. The Moment of Truth…

When you take the wig out of its packaging, you will notice a stretchable silicon support on the back of your head, just above the nape. This is important to note because when you put it on, all the hair is in front, and you won’t really be able to see anything. So, you’ll have to properly place and guide the support at the back of your head from the beginning. Then, pull the rest of the wig in place and throw back the hair. Afterwards, you can adjust the lace with respect to your hairline.

Make sure the edge of the lace is just a little ahead of your natural hairline!
The lace plays an important role in the final appearance of the wig. To achieve the desired appearance, you need to ensure that it’s on properly. Take your time here. This may require making tiny adjustments in the back, pulling, and stretching the wig (without pushing through its flexibility “boundaries”), or more.
Once you are comfortable that position of the lace is there to ensure that your wig is not going anywhere, even if you bob your head heavy metal style (but please don’t!)

Now, you have successfully installed the glueless wig…or have you?

Is It Really On?

Following the optional step four and the foundation you applied, you’ll start noticing whether or not the lace actually blends with your hairline. It should be almost invisible at this point and indistinguishable from your natural hairline. If so, you are good to go. Ensure you check the wig, your hairline, and your general outlook in good light to be sure. If not, you can apply to the foundation again now.

Another Optional Step…

If you just can’t seem to get it in place or it remains obvious, you may want to cut parts of the lace. However, make sure you trim only the parts that are ahead of the wig’s hairline. Cut too deep and you will start losing your wig’s hair. I recommend it only if you are comfortable with scissors. Otherwise, stick to the foundation and maybe even use concealer. It’s much safer than experimenting with scissors! If you want to ensure that the lace completely blends in, a melting spray can be the ultimate finishing stroke. Get a good-quality melting spray and apply a little bit (using your fingers) to the lace.
Note: Give the spray enough time to dry (per the manufacturer’s recommendation). Some sprays
may take a few minutes to dry up and show their true color.

Now that you have learned how to install a glueless wig, you can rock any hairstyle you like. A real human hair wig in your preferred color, length, and body is like a fresh start, letting you bring out your inner Frida Kahlo and rock any hairstyle you wish!

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