5 Things You Can Do With Your Child’s Old Tech

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As technology advances rapidly, kids are getting shiny and new tech gifts for every birthday and Christmas. Before you know it, your house is full of old tech creating clutter. You know you have an old cell phone tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Let’s not just blame the kids!

What should you do with old technology your family doesn’t want anymore? Well, you have a few options.


Like almost all gently used items, you can probably make a profit by selling your old tech if it still works. Most electronics stores have programs to repurchase older electronics from you. Where you decide to take it is up to you.

You could also put it on a site like Craigslist or eBay. Amazon also sells used electronics in great condition. Most tech firms also offer trade-in options.

Stores like Best Buy will give you a gift card to use toward future purchases from them. Or, you could choose an item of equal or lesser value to trade your old electronics for a new and improved gadget. Reach out to them to get a quote and then you can exchange in-store or by mailing your old item to them.


Pawning is the perfect option if you aren’t ready to completely rid yourself of your electronics. They offer complete sales if you are, but they also provide loans for your stuff. The pawn shop will assess your electronics and offer you some cash for them.

You then use these items as collateral for some quick bucks. The pawn shop will usually offer you around 50% of what your item will sell for. Once you pay off the amount they let you borrow, plus interest, you can get back your stuff. If you need money in a pinch, this is the best way to go.


Perhaps the majority of people who don’t recycle are not informed enough about the recycling process. There are proper ways to dispose of your old tech gadgets if you no longer need them. Batteries might need to be recycled separately, so make sure you remove them from your devices before recycling.

You should also ensure all of your personal information is wiped from your digital devices to protect your identity before you take them to recycle.

Many cell phones are being thrown away in ways that harm the environment. Manufacturers can reuse parts of electronics, like aluminum, gold, and glass, for other items. You can take your old electronics to a recycling center or a tech firm to get rid of them safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

There are some substances that are toxic that can be found in electronics. So far, 25 states have passed laws requiring that all electronics be properly disposed of. Why just throw those in the trash and waste their natural materials when electronics are easily recyclable?


If you’re attached to your old devices and want to hold on to them, but they aren’t serving a purpose, give them one. There are so many fun and unique ideas to repurpose digital devices. While they may seem technologically advanced, many ideas have easy-to-follow tutorials to teach you how to make them. These would be fun projects to do with friends or family.

Digital Picture Frame

Old tablets or laptops would be perfect for a digital picture frame. These frames would also make great gifts for a grandparent or a more senior family member. You could set it up to play slideshows or just leave one picture always on display. Either way, this would be an awesome way to repurpose old tech.

Security System

Old computers can double as video surveillance for security purposes. Who knew? You can set up a webcam to detect movement and trigger alerts as long as you download the required software.

Paying for expensive equipment for a home alarm system is not required if you have an old computer and webcam lying around. Bonus points if the old computer came with a webcam already installed. Boom.

Storage Solution

If you don’t have access to a hard drive to back up your files, use an old laptop or tablet for temporary storage. It will work as a placeholder until you get a more permanent solution for your stuff. Losing all your files, folders, and photos is devastating. Take the necessary steps to avoid this happening to you.

Using the space you have available on your old device as storage gives the old item purpose. This might make you feel better about it taking up space in your home.


Recycling is the best option to throw away your old tech properly, but donating your devices to children who need them is the most helpful. There are nonprofit organizations that supply children with laptops and digital cameras for learning purposes.

One organization even uses video game consoles to teach children with disabilities. Another nonprofit organization donates games and consoles to violence shelters and children’s hospitals.

Know Your Options

Know that you have options no matter what you choose to do with your child’s old tech. Choose whichever one works best for you!

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