8 Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

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Wedding ceremonies are remarkable one-in-a-lifetime events. Getting married to a loved one to spend the rest of one’s years with deserves as much perfection to create the best of memories. The wedding day focuses on you and your love, but for it to be perfect, guests need to arrange unique, entertaining activities. Asides from the conventional meals and music, here are other ways to entertain your wedding, entertain and create precious memories.

Unique Photo Booth

Wedding photo booths shouldn’t just be the typical place decorated with beautiful flowers; there are other ways to make them unique. Leave the norm and try the newest booth ideas.

An example is the selfie booth which is an attractive way to engage the visitors. There’s no better way for your guests to remember your big day than with a DIY photo booth that allows them to take pictures. A selfie stick on each table will turn your attendees into mini-photographers as they document the night’s events.

There are other unique wedding photo booth ideas to try out. Renting a trailer or minivan can bring a retro vibe and attract guests. You can also focus your booth on unique themes like a garden, Christmas, tropical, floral, etc.

Live Performance

Including a live performance is a fantastic way to keep your guests talking and engaged throughout the ceremony. From palm readers and comedians to live painters and hypnotists, there are many options for your wedding day entertainment. Consider opera singers or harpists for more traditional weddings, circus shows, a Lancaster magic show or singing waiters for more eccentric couples.

A live painter’s work may be more of a memory than anything else, but that doesn’t mean guests won’t enjoy watching them in action. Ensure that the artist is in a position where they can see the entire scene but not so far away from the audience that they cannot observe.

Seeing stilt walkers, fire breathers, and ribbon twirlers perform a thrilling experience. Set them free during cocktail hour to pique interest and get people in the mood to celebrate your special day.

Hire A Magician

Magic is one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment. If you’re looking for a way to get your guests’ brains working, this trick is for you! Perform magic tricks for them while sipping cocktails at the wedding reception.

Pets Presentations

Another exciting way to entertain guests is having a formal pooch parade at the reception. Dogs are human’s best friends, so it’s only natural to take them along life’s memorable events.

Having your pet by your side may help build stronger bonds and attract guests who would be wowed at their beauty (because your dog would dress the part, too!). The dog’s stylish tux or dress can charm and entertain your family and friends. You can use them as ring bearers and also take memorable photos.

Consider your pet’s individuality while formulating a plan for the part you want them to play that day. You might want your dog to be the maid of honour, but check if they are anxious around large groups of people. If they do and your wedding will have many guests, it would be best if they did not attend it. Avoid putting your animal companion through anything that could make them feel uneasy or frightened.


Getting guests to sing along is another excellent way to entertain guests. Many people aspire to be a celebrity for a day or at least 20 minutes. This is one of the reasons karaoke remained a trend for a long time. Inquire about having a guest perform at your wedding. If you know someone with talents, you can ask them to perform. It is possible your relative sounds precisely like Jon Bellion, or that friend of yours has an innate singing talent no one ever knew.

You can also invite your spouse to a couple of sing-alongs. There are limitless song ideas to make your day remarkable. It is a great way to get guests involved and help make the evening more relaxed. However, ensure you decide on the perfect song and rehearse it before the wedding.

Couples Q & A

Employing a couples quiz is another unique way to spice up the wedding ceremony and entertain guests. Go head-to-head in front of all your guests to assess how much knowledge you have of each other. Hold a paddle board to indicate who is most likely to do something when a question is thrown at you.

For example, you can ask questions about best friend, shoe size, favourite clothing, first pet, favourite subject, meal, method of taking coffee and tea, first kiss, celebrity, what they love about you the most, etc. There is numerous Wedding couple quiz to make your ceremony livelier and entertain visitors.

Face Painting

Most adult guests may not believe face painting is just for kids, but you’d be surprised how many people want to get painted. For children, you can hire a painter to draw creative designs like a cat, batman, or butterfly. They can also use floral arrangements for adults. This way, they’d be entertained and make your wedding memorable.

Outdoor Games

Wedding ceremonies usually involve friends and family, but there are some strangers who you might not know. To keep everyone engaged, it is creative to improvise outdoor wedding games. There are tons of activities that guests will enjoy if you call them for it. Examples include; Jenga, ring toss, corn hole, badminton, giant dice, wheel of fun, word search, dart station, board games, colouring games, etc. Include one that can carry everybody along and would suit your spouse. You could also include fireworks or sparklers once the sun goes down.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to entertain your wedding guests. Each one could be catered to your taste and style and reflect your and your partners’ relationship. Most importantly, it can help create memorable moments you will cherish forever.

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