7 Great Tips for Starting a Mom Blog in 2020

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Starting a mom blog is an excellent way to share your expertise, helpful resources, and express your creativity. If it’s done well, a blogging habit can turn into a constant stream of income. If you’re looking to start a blog, read on. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for starting a Mom blog in 2020. 

Settle on a Catchy Name

The first step in launching your blog can also be the trickiest. You want to pick a name that’s catchy and cute. If your blog fits another niche as well, such as sustainability, art, yoga, or cooking, make sure that the topic stands out in the title.

No matter what your focus is, you can make choosing a name a fun opportunity to play around with language. Even if it seems like all of your ideas have been taken by others, there’s hope. There are plenty of online tools that can help you land the perfect name for your blog. 

Make sure you have a couple of options just in case the .com for your first few picks is already taken. 

An Easy URL 

Before you move into establishing your brand, make sure there’s an available URL that includes your name. Your blog name and your URL should be the same, so readers recognize your work. It also makes it easier for search engines like Google to crawl, index, and rank your site. 

Get Creative

Once you’ve decided on a name, it’s time to start evolving the visual side of your brand. Check out the latest design trends for inspiration and create a logo with an easy to use logo maker that matches your style. It’s best to go with a light color scheme and fonts that are web-friendly and easy to read. 

When you’ve landed on your brand colors, fonts, and a logo, you can get started on building your site. 

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Pick A Platform

There’s no reason to add the stress of coding a complicated website to publish your work. There are plenty of web-builders that will also host your site. These platforms are user-friendly and compatible with a busy mom-lifestyle. 

Some of the most popular builders include Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. There are plenty of minimalist templates that make it easier to show off your content. It’s as easy as writing your article in a word document then uploading it to the site.


Your content is the heart of your blog. There are more and more awesome moms out there, starting to embrace the life of blogging. While it’s great to see so many sites on our favorite topic, it does mean that there is more competition. When you’re starting a mom blog, you want to make sure your content is unique. 

Make Money

Design a content strategy so you can start making money! While a blog is an excellent creative outlet where you can share your story, it can also be lucrative. 

As an Amazon affiliate, use your expert experience to review products related to babies, self-care, working out, and much more. When your readers click on product links on your blog, you’ll get a commission. 


You can also make money from advertisements. Before you get to this point, you first have to gain a large audience. Conduct some keyword research and ensure that your blog posts include SEO keywords and key phrases. 

While SEO is central to getting your work seen, you have to be strategic about it. Ensure that your content is valuable and useful, and you don’t pack too many keywords unnaturally. 

Stunning Photography 

If you’re a mom blogger, you’ll want to fill your blog with beautiful images! Consider investing in a nice HD camera and solid white backdrops for professional-looking images.  

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Take Advantage of Plugins

If you choose to use WordPress, use plugins to make your site stand out from the crowd. You can add pregnancy trackers, video reels, and chat boxes, all of which can engage your audience.

The Verdict

While it may seem daunting to get started writing all the content and designing the theme of your mom blog, it’ll pay off. Choose a catchy name, confirm the URL is available, and pick your platform.

Add quality pictures, and take advantage of plugins to help boost your pages. You’ll inspire other moms and maybe even make some money on the side.

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