7 Ways To Bring A Little Hygge Into Your Home

a Hygge home
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Over the last few years, Hygge has become a far more popular focus in both people’s lifestyles and their home but what does it actually mean? Hygge (pronounced Hooga) is the Danish way to live well. It is about creating an atmosphere and experience rather than relying on ‘things’ to bring you happiness. It is about enjoying the cosiness inside the home by bringing together particular elements which work together in order to make you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and content whilst leaving the stresses of life behind. So, it isn’t surprising that Denmark is listed as one of the happiest countries in the world

which is precisely why they love sharing their Hygge ways and why more people are aspiring to successfully achieve this way of life. If you are just starting out on your Hygge journey, here are my 7 ways in which you can easily bring it into your home.


When you think cosy, you most probably immediately imagine sitting by a roaring open fire, snuggled in a knitted cardigan and holding a hot chocolate… Well, I do anyway! There is nothing more Hygge than this but not all of us live in homes which will allow us to have an open fireplace or a log burner. Luckily there are many options available to us that can still give us that feel even by using an electric fire. Remember, it isn’t about the stuff, it is about the atmosphere you create so even if you can’t have the real thing, you can have something that makes YOU feel good and that is the key message behind all of this.

a log burner, sofa and dog laying on it

Cushions and Throws

You can’t get snuggly and cosy without some comfy cushions and warm throws. The cushions you choose can vary in sizes and be used to place on the floor next to the open fire, scattered on the sofa or in a reading area. Throws don’t just have come into use in the winter. Yes, you can have thick, fleecy ones for the colder months, but it is still nice to snuggle up in summer evenings with a light throw. There really is nothing better than snuggling up with your partner and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that your home provides.

Carpets and Rugs

Hygge covers many areas of your lifestyle and your senses also come into this. That cosy feel makes us feel safe and warm but the feeling of fabrics and materials heighten the experience which is precisely why a comfortable, well-made, thick piled carpet is the perfect way to really make your home a little more Hygge. Walking barefoot and having that comforting sensation on your skin adds to your home’s atmosphere. Rugs placed on top of a carpet or on a wooden floor also give that homely feel and placing one in front of your fire gives you a cosy place to lay and relax.


Setting your home up in a Hygge way is not complete without mood lighting and the most popular choice for this is the use of candles. In fact, most Danish households will light a candle every day during the Autumn and Winter. These should be organic candles and not scented candles. It isn’t about creating a scent, it is all about the atmosphere, cosiness and bringing warm lighting to your walls.

“When Danes are asked what they most associate with Hygge, an overwhelming 85 per cent will mention candles”

The Little Book of Hygge
a window seat with a tray with a drink and candle on it


Enjoying the moments by taking in the peacefulness of your home, by relaxing in the silence and curling up with a good book is very much the Hygge way of life. A reading nook is a popular addition to a Danish home as it is the perfect place to sink into a good book. This is also a great way to introduce your children to this cosy and chilled atmosphere and a fantastic way to encourage them to fall in love with reading.

Natural Elements

Bringing nature and all of its elements into your home is very important. This means including wooden furniture, natural tones, flowers, plants and collecting items such as nuts, leaves, twigs etc. when out on your walks to decorate your home with. The idea is to feel close to nature.

Vintage Touches

Vintage items in your home bring that element of nostalgia and for the Danes, this means that the pieces hold an emotional story or value and this is incredibly important, far more than buying items from a large retailer that everybody could also have. Shopping in an antique store is a preferred way of purchasing as this furniture or even ornaments you can find have a deeper meaning and will add to the overall feel of your home. A vintage chair, lamp or table is considered to be very Hygge so if you can include pieces like these, you will be more than on your way to achieving your Hygge home.

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