8 Fall Family Trips to Take This Year

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Many families forget about vacation once the summer ends, but they’re missing out on some of the peak travel time. Fall is a glorious season for a family trip. The bugs have gone into hiding, and you can’t beat the scenery or gorgeous weather.

Furthermore, travel need not be expensive. With lodging options like glamping and renting an RV, you can afford to take a few days away. There’s nothing wrong with a day-long excursion, either — most of the locations on this list qualify. Where should you go, and what should you do? Here are eight fall family trips to take this year.

1. Leaf-Peeping in the Countryside

Fall is the most colorful time of year in many parts of the country. However, you don’t get to witness the fullness of nature’s splendor if you dwell in the inner city. Why not load up the family truckster and head to the country for a day of leaf peeping? It’s practically a New England tradition.

Your camera shouldn’t be the only thing getting a workout. Why not get out of your car and hike for a bit amid the cacophony of reds and yellows? After working up a hearty appetite, swing by a fabulous eatery featuring down-home cooking, like many offerings in places like Lancaster County, PA. You’ll enjoy some of the freshest organic produce sourced from nearby farms and dive into pure deliciousness.

2. Hit the Bunny Slopes 

If you’re far up in the great white north, you might already have some of the flaky stuff. Even if you don’t in your neighborhood, the local resorts probably have their snow machines revving up for the season.

Bundle up the littles and spend the day hitting the bunny slopes. Skiing is a valuable skill for anyone to learn, helping your kids develop core strength and balance. It will also tire them out and make them want a nap — allowing you and your partner a bit of adult time.

3. Test Your Adventure Skills

If, unlike Elsa, the cold does bother you, why not find some more temperate sports? You’ll find no shortage of adventure parks nearly anywhere, where you can zipline and crawl through and over obstacles of varying difficulty.

Don’t let bad weather deter you from your day of fun. Why not opt for indoor laser tag if it gets too cold or rainy? You and the kiddos will have a blast chasing each other. It’s up to you if you let them exact revenge for all those times you insisted they try just one bite of their peas.

4. An Off-Grid Adventure

Maybe your family is even more on the wild side. If so, why not indulge in an off-grid adventure? Go somewhere cellphone service doesn’t reach, and you won’t have to nag your little ones about screen time.

What can you do in the wild? Try one of these fun activities:

  • Hike: Find a new trail and see if you can identify the plants and animals you see.
  • Fish: It’s never too early to learn how to cast a line.
  • Practice your survival skills: Can you and your kids build a fire without matches? Why not test your abilities (but bring a backup lighter, just in case)?

5. Go Punkin’ Chunkin’

You don’t want to destroy your prized jack-o’ lantern — but there’s something infinitely satisfying about smashing fruit like a mechanized Gallager. It’s even entertaining to watch. For a different fall family trip, why not go punkin’ chunkin’?

What started as a local event has expanded in popularity with more pumpkin-smashing events than ever. Search for one near you and let the kiddos have the joy of destroying things — safely.

6. Visit a Quirky Museum

This idea might require you to hit the road, but it’s a blast if you want a longer trip or have cash for a flight. Why not take the family to one of America’s weirdest museums this fall? Choose from locations like the following:

  • The International Spy Museum: This spot is fun if you have a budding sleuth.
  • The Roswell UFO Museum: Are aliens real? This location may change your mind if you’re a skeptic.
  • The Museum of Graffiti: Is one of your kiddos an amateur artist? Why not let them see the best street style has to offer?

7. All Aboard!

There’s something soothing and relaxing about train travel. If you have an infant, they may sleep through your entire journey.

However, your older kiddos will love the trip, especially if you take a child-centered excursion. For example, Northern Arizona’s North Pole experience allows your littles to ride a real-life “Polar Express.” The Little Puffer takes them on a tour of the San Francisco zoo, making this trip a two-for-one experience.

8. Get Spooky in Salem, MA

Can your kiddos not get enough of Halloween? You can get spooky any time this season in Salem, Massachusetts. Even better, you can teach your little ones a history lesson without even trying.

While there, be sure to stop for a seafood dinner in one of the nearby coastal towns. You’ll find nothing but freshness that’s very light on your pocketbook, given the proximity to the North Atlantic ocean.

Fun Fall Family Trips

Summer’s end doesn’t have to mean vacation is over. Fall is one of the best seasons to hit the road for a family adventure.

Treat your loved ones to one of these fun fall family trips. You’ll enjoy bonding and making memories that last a lifetime.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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