9 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal This Fall

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Average home prices soared over 25% in some areas last year, making many homeowners wonder if now is the time to reap a tidy profit. You might be among them. If so, you undoubtedly want to get the most bang for your buck. What can you do to raise your property value in a jiffy?

Fortunately, tons of little details make a big difference and don’t require a heavy investment of time or money. Here are nine ways to improve your curb appeal this fall.

1. The Old Scrub-a-Dub

Pressure washing can work wonders on your deck, driveway, siding — basically, your home’s entire exterior other than the lawn. Plus, it’s fun work. There’s something oddly satisfying and soothing about watching those years of grime wash away in tidy strips.

Before you embark on your task, check with the rental facility about the best technique for various surfaces. For example, aluminum siding can tolerate a heavy-duty pressure wash, but porous brick requires a gentler touch. Such materials require a biodegradable soap followed by a low-pressure rinse for best results.

2. Coat Your Driveway

Coating your driveway does more than lend aesthetic appeal to your home’s facade. It also protects the surface from potholes and cracks that can damage your tires and axle over time. A little investment now can spare you and future owners from costly repairs.

Keep your eyes on the forecast — you’ll need a day where temperatures reach at least 50° Fahrenheit and there’s no rain for the next 24 hours. You’ll need at least that long for the asphalt to cure, although you might want to give it as many as 72 if you live in a humid climate.

3. Mulch Your Leaves

Rejoice and be glad — your science-based explanation for avoiding certain lawn work chores has arrived. A healthy coating of leaves protects your soil and provides necessary habitats for animals and beneficial insects. Say hallelujah and put the rake away unless you love making a big pile to jump in.

However, you might want it to look like you manicure your lawn. What’s the best thing to do? Go over it with the mower. Doing so will mulch your leaves, making them less noticeable and creating a well-tended look. You still reap the benefits but appear much tidier.

4. Paint Your Door and Shutters

If your home’s exterior features peeling paint, you may wish to do a complete job. However, you can create a striking impact and elevate your home’s exterior with the right color on your shutters and front and garage doors.

A single-colored accent door alone makes your entryway sparkle. While you’re at it, why not add a festive wreath and some large, fashionable house numbers? It will make it easier for the delivery app folk to find your home while creating a welcoming appearance.

5. Add Some Window Boxes

You might not feel much like gardening with winter winds on the way. However, you can enjoy festive colors all year with the right set of window boxes.

Line them with seasonal plants like holly — the bright red berries look holiday-bright against dark green leaves and white snow. You can also intersperse a few artificial blooms if you want color long after temperatures dip below zero.

6. Winterize Your Deck

Leaving your child’s toys and barbecue equipment out to rust over the winter makes your home’s exterior look unsightly. Worse, it wastes money and precious resources when you have to replace damaged items — and all that landfill fodder does no kindness to the planet.

Take the following steps to winterize your deck for the coming season:

  • Inspect and repair: Look for loose or broken boards, protruding nails and signs of ants or termites.
  • Remove all items: Sweep away debris and pressure wash your deck. Remove any mold or mildew using a bleach solution.
  • Stain your deck: The right protective stain repels moisture. The ideal conditions for this task are the same as those required for coating your driveway — perhaps you could plan a weekend of chores.
  • Invest in the right snow-removal solution: For many people, a broom or plastic shovel is sufficient. However, if you live in an area with heavy winter weather, you may need quality snow and ice melter. Although pricey, you can also find heated mats that keep snow and ice from sticking to stairs.

7. Organize Your Garage

When you ask homebuyers what they look for, garage storage space invariably makes their most-wanted list. Fortunately, this DIY task isn’t as challenging as it sounds.

All you need is some pegboard for hanging garden tools and other small work gadgets. You can find prefabricated shelves that assemble in no time. A quality locking cabinet is a wise choice for materials like antifreeze that you should stow safely away from kids and pets.

8. Trim Your Trees

Trimming your trees doesn’t only enhance your property value. It can preserve your structure’s integrity. Letting limbs grow too close can result in storm damage that takes out your roof or a window.

You might want to call in the pros for this task. If you decide to climb the ladder, please ensure you wear a hardhat and safety goggles.

9. Light It Elegantly

Fall means shorter days and longer nights. You want passersby to see your home even at night. However, bright blue lights and unshaded overhead projections contribute to firefly disappearance and create light pollution that prevents you from seeing the stars.

Your solution? Choose lights covered at the front and sides that project illumination downward. An elegant line of lidded spikes lines your drive and walkways in a way that’s helpful to you and the local wildlife.

Helping Your Home Look Incredible This Fall

The real estate market is hot. Are you thinking of taking advantage?

Consider these nine ways to improve your curb appeal this fall. You could enhance your home’s value even if you don’t sell.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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