A Simple Guide to Personalised Ribbons

personalised ribbon
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Need that finishing touch to add that extra bit of wow factor to your party favours? Wondering how to finish off that anniversary present? Or do you want to add some pizzazz to a Christmas gift? Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are a perfect number of occasions and parties that come to mind where personalised ribbons will do just that.

From weddings to milestone anniversaries, graduations and engagement parties as well as holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween. You can check out personalized ribbons to find more information about these items.

There are so many fantastic choices on offer that you may struggle to know where to start so here is a quick guide on what personalised ribbons can do for your special occasion/gift/favour and what options are available to you:

  1. Material

When customising a personalised ribbon choosing the material is one of the basic factors to consider. There are various options such as top quality satin, chiffon, grosgrain and more.

  1. Size and colour

Choose from a variety of colours and sizes to pair with your design and create unique ribbon just for you. There are standard sizes which are measured in millimetres.

With a whole list of shades and choices, it can be quite a task to pick just one! With colours such as forest green, gold matte and autumn orange you are spoilt for choice. You can even decide on whether you have it as a continuous print or simply using a measured length with a design on both ends.

  1. Personalised information

Adding vibrant information onto your ribbon will help to spice up the occasion. Custom ribbons can also allow you to personalise definite aspects and thus giving a wedding ceremony, for example, an amazing touch without too much spending.

bags with ribbon

 Steps to create a personalised ribbon

1. Using a computer, create the personalised text for your special occasion and make sure to use the right font size to fit right on the ribbon.

2. Print the text you want on some sheet of paper.

3. With the face you want to print facing up, position a strip of double stick tape on the rear of the ribbon.

4. So that your text is covered by the ribbon, attach that ribbon to the piece of paper with the text.

5. You can then place your paper with the ribbon attached to it on the printer.

6. You can then print your message and leave it for a few minutes to dry. You can also search on the internet to see how you can create your own personalized ribbons.

These ribbons can be used in various ways. These include;

Home décor

A personalised ribbon adds more colour on your home decorations. One can decide to add custom printed ribbon to their tablecloth trim, picture frames, bedding or the entire house. When used around the house, they make each of your rooms even prettier. You can also have a personalised ribbon banner printed to hang around the house. Moreover, they are best used as perfect decors on Christmas tree during Christmas.

glass jars full of sweets and blue ribbons wrapped around

Party décor

Additionally, personalised ribbons are used at birthday parties to close gift bags. These make the bags more colourful and adorable for your guests. You could also use custom printed ribbon as napkin rings for occasions such as weddings and baby showers. Need more flare in your birthday party? Try some personalised grosgrain ribbon. You can also glue them onto vases or candles as centrepieces at a wedding.


Every professional entrepreneur knows best to use personalised ribbons for all types of packaging. Your packaging would be so much more colourful and memorable with a fine custom ribbon. Adding a business logo to a printed grosgrain ribbon, printed satin ribbon, or printed organza ribbon improves the image of your product and hence making it favourable to your customers. These additions to your packaging are beautiful and affordable and will make a tremendous difference.

business ribbon

Windows display

Spruce up your seasonal window display with streamers of personalised ribbons.

Shipping your goods

Wrap your items using tissue paper and use a personalised ribbon, making the package enticing and memorable. You can also find more ways here.


No matter what you are celebrating, personalised ribbons can add a traditional and more personal touch to any packaging. They will make your occasion unique, colourful and certainly memorable.

Since, they come in a wide variety of colours and designs, you can be sure to find something that matches your special day theme. (It’s advisable for one to handle the ribbons with care as they are prone to wear and tear). They can also be re-used when stored properly and safely.
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