Are Combi Boilers Eco-Friendly?

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Nobody likes to think about replacing their boiler. They can be expensive items to buy, which is why most people see the wisdom of having the one they already own serviced regularly. But, unfortunately, statistically speaking you are likely to need to buy a new boiler at least 3 times in your lifetime. When you do you will want to purchase one that is affordable, not expensive to run and eco-friendly.

The benefits of a combi boiler are well known. They are compact and provide almost instant hot water. But the question is are they eco-friendly too?

Their compact size has benefits

Combi boilers do not have a separate water tank, which is the main reason they are smaller. From an environmental point of view, this is a plus. Making them use up fewer materials. So, the manufacturing process produces just that little bit less pollution. Plus, there is less to recycle once the boiler finally fails and needs replacing.

Hot water is only provided when you need it

Most traditional boilers have a built-in water tank. Even if you are out all day your boiler will periodically switch on and burn fuel to keep that tank of water warm. This, of course, is a waste of energy. With combi-boilers, you do not have that problem. They only switch on and provide you with hot water as and when you need it.

Combi boilers burn fuel more efficiently

A good quality properly fitted and maintained combi boiler is generally speaking much more efficient. With this type of boiler, it is possible for some of the heat that escapes through the flue to be captured and reused. You can read more about how they work and why they are so much more efficient by clicking here.

You will generally find that the ones that re-cycle some of the normally wasted flue heat have good energy ratings. This rating is a good way to quickly narrow down your options. It enables you to quickly see which boilers are the most likely to save you money and pay for themselves over the long term.

So, as you can see the answer to the question ‘are combi boilers eco-friendly’ is yes, most of them are. As much as a boiler can be planet friendly, anyway.

Other things you can do to be more eco-friendly

When it comes to heating your home and providing your family with hot water there are lots of other things you can do for the planet. Top of the list is keeping more of the heat you generate in your home and minimizing the amount of hot water you use. This excellent article tells you more about how to do exactly that. Most of the tips it includes will also help you to save money.

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