Choosing the Right Yacht Type for Croatia Vacation

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Finally, you have decided to embark on a journey through the azure waters of the Adriatic. With so many available options, sometimes it is pretty hard to decide how to choose the best yacht type. Do you need a catamaran or would a bareboat yacht charter fulfil your expectations?

What about the sailboat? If it isn’t windy, you might experience some problems with navigation.

Your choice depends on numerous factors like time of the year and weather in general, number of guests, budget, destination and vacation plans.

Factors that affect your choice

In the following text, we bring the most important things you have to pay attention to while chartering a perfect yacht for your vacation.

Group size

If only a couple of people would be on board, a smaller yacht or catamaran might be sufficient. But if you’re planning to celebrate your birthday on a yacht, this is gonna be a huge party. So, choose a larger yacht that will accommodate everyone comfortably. Think about separate cabins or shared spaces.


This is another key factor you need to have in mind in order to ensure that your sailing experience aligns with your expectations. Before renting a yacht consider all costs like fuel consumption, skipper fees and yacht rental in total. There are numerous yacht charters in Croatia you can choose from; get familiar with real-time availability, free cancellation, financial security or personalized customer service.

Season and weather conditions

Take the time of year you are planning your vacation in Croatia into consideration as well. Although summer might be the perfect choice, the weather can be changeable, so be sure to read some weather forecasts, especially if you’re planning island-hopping tours.

Additional amenities on board

Think about all the amenities available on a yacht. Do you need a snorkelling gear or fishing equipment? Would you prefer relaxing on a deck with a refreshing cocktail in your hand rather than watching a smart TV or playing Play Station? Explore all the possibilities and choose a yacht type that caters to your preferred onboard activities and leisure pursuits.


Consider your desired itinerary and places you want to visit in Croatia. If your plan involves uncovering the hidden gems of secluded coves and islands scattered along the Adriatic coast, it’s worth taking a closer look at the wide array of available sailboat charters in Croatia. Sailboats are particularly well-suited for navigating through shallow waters, granting you access to tucked-away havens that larger vessels may struggle to reach.

Whether you decide to enjoy the charm of uninhabited islands or the tranquillity of secret bays, sailboats offer the flexibility and agility to fully immerse yourself in Croatia’s coastal wonders.

Why rent a catamaran?

Catamarans are very comfortable. Compared to sailboats, they offer a surprising amount of space below deck. You’ll typically find a large galley, spacious cabins and one bathroom in each hull.


Since some catamarans in Croatia have a relatively shallow draft, you can sail it almost to the beach. If you need speed, then a motor yacht would be the better choice. Not only will you be able to cover longer distances, but it will also provide relatively easy navigation, allowing you to explore more of Croatia’s stunning coastline within your allotted time. With a motor yacht, you can have exciting adventures cruising between awesome places in Croatia, making your vacation the best it can be.

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