The Continuing Effects Children Have On Your Body

the effects kids have on our body

I wrote a post a little while ago about postpartum bodies but little did I realise that the effects continue on far longer and some areas you don’t even seem to notice until it’s too late! Oh, and it’s not only limited to us Mums… which kinda makes me smile. Yes, Dads, you are also affected by the lack of sleep, stress, exhaustion and restricted ‘me time’.


Expanding Waistline

I thought I would ping back into shape pretty quickly after having Jake. I have always been slender and a very active person but it turns out that hormones, lack of sleep and cravings for sugary foods to keep you going have a massive effect on how your body burns fat now. Your body is so clever that it stores the fat it requires to keep your energy levels up but it isn’t very clever about where it holds it… the belly and hips are the prime storage areas! Which is why you may still be hosting what appears to be a small baby bump and men begin to gain their stereotypical ‘beer belly’. Of course, the remedies are to exercise regularly and remove all those sugary snacks from your diet. Easier said than done when you are still be woken in the night 3 1/2 years on! 

I am still struggling with these extra wobbles and I even though I exercise every week I know it isn’t quite enough to maintain the look I want. Don’t even mention the food to me!


Below is me in 2010 prior to having a child and then two years after having Jake. 



Eye Bags

These are a common sight in new parents but what if your child still isn’t sleeping 3 years on? I have learnt to cover mine with makeup but I do feel sorry for my hubby when he goes off to work looking a little worse for wear. We all know that sleep is the biggest culprit but so are the ever so important cups of tea/coffee, sugary snacks and lack of water. Tired eyes just seem to age you, don’t they? I hate it when I have to plaster on the war paint just to look normal… trouble is it doesn’t make me feel normal. If you want to help open up your eyes ladies why not try a lash lift and tint?

two parents and a baby
Just look at those tired eyes on both of us!



Grey Hairs

These crept in possibly a year after Jake was born and they are only getting worse! Thank goodness for highlights. I have dyed my hair on and off for quite a number of years but I always liked being able to have the option to leave it to grow out if need be. Those days are gone as my silver stripes have taken hold. Men seem to be able to get away with the greys so much better than women and a silver fox is considered to be distinguished or sexy… grey women are mostly thought of as being old and hagged. Oh, what have these hormones done to me?!

grey hairs



Hair Loss

For women, the hair loss can be quite extreme after having a baby or ceasing breastfeeding. Mine fell out in clumps and clogged up the drains on a weekly basis. I was lucky that it grew back fairly quickly but I do still have those fine baby hairs down my parting even three years on. I found that using a good shampoo really helped to strengthen my hair and prevented serious damage. 

Hubby, however, is going down a path which I am very glad most of us women don’t. His hair is very quickly receding and now thinning on top too. For men, there are many more options now available on the market and if you don’t want to go for a full transplant you can opt for the non-invasive treatment of Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment. Poor guy just look at how it has changed since having Jake… gradually seeing more and more of that forehead!




These obviously do go hand in hand with getting older but it’s amazing how children age you so much faster. I used to work with a lady who was 42 and had chosen not to have kids. She honestly looked about 30. Her skin was clear and wrinkle free, she had no signs of grey hair, no bags and always looked fresh faced. If I now compare how she used to look to how I look now at 34 I cannot believe the difference. My skin tone has most definitely changed and I have permanent new lines… most from frowning at my son far too much! Sleepless nights, very early mornings and caffeine are again to blame as well as the lack of chill out time that we used to enjoy at the weekends. Again, both men and women are affected here and even though we could go to the extreme and try out botox I do quite like the character that some lines bring to your face and I am a firm believer in growing old naturally so I’m afraid you will have to put up with this new face from here on in!

Anyway, laughter lines are a sign of a very happy life!

two parents smiling


Em xx




*This is a collaborative post. For more information please refer to my disclosure page.

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