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As a Mum, I find it extremely hard to put myself first and think about my own needs. I often have unruly eyebrows, I only wear makeup to hide my tired skin and eye bags and a treat nowadays is getting a bubble bath squeezed into an evening once in a blue moon! I am aware of how important it is to treat yourself and that in order to be the best parent you can be you need to be in tip-top health yourself but I am pretty rubbish at listening to my own advice. It often takes me to really push myself to book in some ‘me time’ because I always see other areas as my priority… Mainly housework! So, when my friend contacted me to say she had recently qualified in being able to give a lash lift and tint and offered to do mine, I jumped at the chance to enjoy some pampering time.

Nicola began her career in makeup when she qualified as a makeup artist in July 2014. From there she decided to set up her own business in January 2015 which she has been gradually building alongside working her normal full-time job. She provides amazing wedding and event makeup, as well as makeup lessons which she offers as either 1 on 1 sessions or in a group and she is now moving on to offer additional services such as the lash lift, lash and brow tinting. If you haven’t heard of a lash lift before, it is a very simple treatment which involves perming the lashes to give them a natural curved look. Add on a lash tint and you no longer have to worry about your mascara for a few weeks or your curlers for around 6-8 weeks.

Nicola has provided me with her information on these treatments as well as her own images which she took of me on the day:


The lash lift process

Nicola says-

″This is not uncomfortable or scary in the slightest and is an enjoyable experience of ‘me time’. I will always listen to your needs and make you feel relaxed throughout all of my treatments.″

lashes with perming lotion

* A silicone shield is gently applied and glued to the eyelid whilst your eyes are closed.

* Lash glue is painted onto the shield in stages and then the lashes are gently stroked back onto the glue.

* A perming lotion is applied for between 12-15 minutes and then removed. The perming lotion will curl the lash.

lashes with tint

* A setting lotion is then applied for 12-15 minutes and then removed.

* The lashes then have a tint applied for 5 minutes which is a colour boost.

* Once the tint has been removed your lash lift is completed.

The treatment takes around 45-50 minutes of which your eyes will be closed the whole time. It’s a great alternative to eyelash extensions, the lash lift makes your lashes look fuller, thicker and your eyes more open which gives a youthful appearance.

And here is the finished look:

I am so pleased with how they have turned out and Nicola really listened to my needs. As somebody who has had tried lash extensions previously and hated them, Nicola understood that a natural look was more to my taste and that I needed something that would benefit me as a busy Mum. Thre are 2 options for your desired look which depends on which silicone shields size you decide upon. A small shield will create a more intense lift and the large a more subtle look. I opted to go for the subtle lift. It has made my eyes look brighter and more awake and I will be saving time on applying makeup in the morning. I think I may be doing this on a regular basis! To keep my lashes in tip-top condition after a treatment like this I will be using Borboleta Eyelash Serum.

The usual price for a lash lift and tint is £40 and you can contact Nicola via her Facebook page and to find out more about what Nicola can offer you, to read amazing testimonials and view stunning photos of her work please visit her website.

Nicola will happily travel to your home for free to provide her treatments as long as you are within 20 miles of her own home in Alton, Hampshire. After this, she will require an extra £20 on top of her treatment fees to cover her travel expenses.

″Makeup is about expression, not perfection″

Nicola Waters

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  1. I never knew you could do that! Looks brilliant but I I hate the thought of someone poking around near my eyes though!

  2. Interesting. I get really watery eyes when outside and really struggle with so called waterproof mascara 🙁 #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Yeah when I’m tired I wanna rub my eyes or blink harder and then of course I end up with smudges. This has been fab all week because I can rub my eyes without worrying.

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