Easy Home Jobs To Do This Weekend

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Now that winter is looming over us, it is the ideal time to get those niggling home jobs done and dusted before it is simply too cold. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the jobs and DIYs you can do around the house this autumn to ensure you have a cosy and relaxed home for the winter. 

Switch home insurance providers 

One of those background bills we often don’t notice or think about every month is home insurance. If you have had the same home insurance provider for a long time you likely have never considered changing, but did you notice your premiums go up? 

It is important now and again to look at your options, and what could offer you more affordable home insurance for you and your family this year. Take the time to compare prices and see if you can save yourself some money on your home and contents insurance. 

Clean the gutters 

The guttering around the side of your home is not only a feature to keep water away from the brickwork; but it can also be the home of leaves, moss, and other debris from nearby trees and bushes. If you are looking for a job to get done this weekend; clean your gutters and look to replace any cracked pieces of pipe. If you don’t clean your guttering now and again, they can become blocked and water may overflow into the foundation of your home, and it can cause damp and mould issues. 

cleaning the gutters

Plant a poinsettia 

Winter is a time when most of your plants outside will start to die back and hibernate ready for spring; however there are some plants that thrive in the cold weather and will brighten up your garden throughout the cold season. One of these plants is the Poinsettia. This stunning bright red plant will brighten up your home all winter long and it will add some festive cheer to your living space. Planting a few of these stunning plants will leave your home feeling like a winter wonderland. 

Refresh the paintwork 

If you are sick of the same old interior design in your living space, it is time to make a change for the cold season. You can refresh the paintwork throughout your home this winter and it will create a whole new atmosphere without spending too much money. One of the best reasons to change the paint colour of your walls is that it is cheap and it only takes you a few hours! By the end of the weekend your whole home will feel renewed and fresh.

Clean your driveway 

Before the weather gets too cold and miserable; it is a great opportunity to clean your driveway and get rid of the remnants of weeds from the summer. You can use salt to rid yourself of the roots of weeds, and a pressure washer to get rid of grime and dirt from the driveway. It will be oddly satisfying and won’t take you too long either! 


Clear out the wardrobes 

We all have a habit of hoarding clothes in our wardrobes, but now that winter is looming it is the ideal time to go through your winter clothes from last year and decide what you want to keep and what to get rid of. Whether you decide to sell your old clothes or give them to charity, clearing out your old items will be cathartic and will free up some space for winter! 

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