Enjoying Your Garden This Autumn

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Can you believe that the summer has been and gone already? All that time spent making sure that you have a picturesque garden that’s the envy of your neighbours and already the leaves are starting to turn from green to rust. Soon the trees will be bare and your once lush and verdant lawn will be a veritable quagmire of mud. But, don’t worry! All that time spent cultivating the perfect garden wasn’t wasted. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your garden can be just as beautiful and enjoyable in Autumn. Just because the skies are getting a little greyer and the leaves are growing more sparse that’s no reason to retreat indoors and let your beloved garden wither.

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Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy spending time in your garden both to enjoy the scenery and to sow the seeds for a spectacular burst come spring. Here are some ways to inject a little autumnal glam into your garden, while laying the foundation for future seasons…


Get perennial

While perennial plants will (of course) be great all year, there are some that are ideally suited to injecting a little colour into the garden. Since many of your garden plants will begin to weather around this time of year, it’s more important than ever to lean on the right perennials to brighten things up. If you’re not sure where to start then these are affordable and readily available:

  • Autumn Joy Does exactly what it does on the tin. A late flowerer, these plants are best suited to dry, sunny spots. When they flower they provide a lovely burst of pink but as autumn draws in the pink fades into a fiery copper. Even in winter when the colour has faded, these will add a little brightness and joy to proceedings.
  • AstersIf you’re looking for abundant, colourful flowers that last well into the winter then these babies won’t let you down. Their flowers resemble daisies and will bring cheer and colour provided that they’re staked down in a  sheltered corner.
  • Japanese anemonesIf you’re looking for something to bring a little light to a dark corner, these long-flowering perennials will bloom into long, elegant purple petals.
  • Sempervivum If you’re looking for something to plant that will provide a splash of green all year round, these guys are as resilient as they are pretty to look at.



If you’re looking for a little something extra around this time of year, then a little extra garden furniture will lend your garden cheer in the absence of abundant flowering plants. For a little extra cosiness why not look into log cabins for your garden which will give you somewhere to shelter while still enjoying the space. It might also be the perfect time for a bird table so that you can enjoy the sight of migrating birds at play as you enjoy your garden.


Planning for spring

Now’s the perfect time to buy the bulbs that will create a horticultural fireworks display in the spring. These next few weeks will be the right time for planting sweet peas, tulips and even sowing coriander for the herb garden.


Who says your garden has to be dull, forlorn and forgotten over autumn?

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