Garden Glam: Taking the Designer Approach

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Have you ever watched a gardening show and wished that you could have a garden like that? Maybe you’ve redesigned your garden before, but things tend to turn out a lot different when you don’t have a professional and creative landscape artist at your disposal. You might not be able to have Monty Don come and help you out but that doesn’t mean that a designer garden is out of the question. You could create something stunning that’s not only fun to use but beautiful to look at too. If you’re ready to go beyond a lawn and some flowering borders, here are some tips for creating your designer garden.

Working with a Landscaper

If you want your garden to be something spectacular, you should work with a landscaper. They have both the technical and horticultural know-how to design a unique garden, and the creativity to make it special. You might already have some ideas about what you want your garden to be, but your landscaper can help you bring it to life. When you choose a landscape architect or designer, look for signs that they’re qualified professionals. They might be a member of The Association of Professional Landscapers, for example. Don’t forget to check out their portfolio too.

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Budgeting Your Garden

A designer garden is likely going to cost you more than simply doing a redesign on your own. Hiring a landscaper is only the first cost to keep in mind. If you want your garden to be something special, you might want to bring in some unique plants or have some custom items made to add to the space. Think about how you’re going to fund it first, whether it’s with savings or by considering loans or borrowing from family. Many people take out loans for home improvements, but you need to be sure you can pay it off. Deciding how much you’re willing to spend is essential, and it’s important to be realistic too.

Getting Inspiration

Your landscape designer is going to do a lot of the creative work, but you’ll still want to have a say in what your garden is going to look like. You likely have some thoughts about how you want to use the space and maybe a vague theme you want to follow. If you need some inspiration, you can find it in all kinds of places. Firstly, you might want to watch some landscaping and gardening shows or read some magazines and blogs. You can also find inspiration anywhere else, from the countryside near your home to the other side of the world.

Creating a Garden You Can Use

Even though you want your garden to be visually stunning, you also need to be able to use it. So it’s important to think about practicality and how you’re going to use your garden. Of course, it’s the landscape designers job to help ensure you have a usable garden. But it’s up to you to let them know what you’re looking for and how you intend to use your garden. You need to speak up if you’re not sure about the ideas they’re proposing.

There’s no need for your garden to be ordinary. If you’re looking for something special, get a landscaper involved to help you design something extraordinary.

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