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Having the stylish home of your dreams can seem unachievable, especially if your plans are bigger than your budget. However, sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest impact. For example, popping a vertical radiator into the wall gap can work as a statement piece and warm your home. So, if you want to discover more style tips to help you design your perfect house, keep reading!

Seek Inspiration

When it comes to designing your house, don’t just try and wing it and go from the ideas you have in your head. Even interior designers will plan things out and seek out inspiration. Create an ideas board full of pictures and buzzwords that you want your design to incorporate, and you’ll find it a lot easier to actually plan it out. Use social media to stalk hashtags related to your design ideas and see if you can find any homes that encapsulate your dream. It’s much easier to design your dream home when you’ve already seen bits and pieces of it already.

Don’t Forget To Accessorise

There’s nothing more satisfying than finally having all your new furniture fitted into the room, and you might be thinking that your job’s done. But there’s one vital finishing touch that you should never overlook and that’s accessorising. Adding trinkets and throw cushions can be the deciding factor between a room looking finished and incomplete. A room without accessories can end up feeling bare and not lived in, so be sure to bring in some other smaller elements that will really help the room feel like home. They don’t have to be expensive either. Simple things like candles can work wonders and make an empty gap look furnished.

Plan Colour Palettes Carefully

Going wild with colour can be exciting and you may think that the 50 different colours you’ve got all work well together. But once you actually put them in the room, you might realise you’ve made a mistake. Colour palettes exist for a reason, so don’t overlook their importance of them when selecting your colour choices. If there’s one colour that you really like but you can’t see it working on a large scale, try adding little pops of it here and there instead. That way you can still enjoy the colour without compromising the rest of your palette.

Combine Textures

Playing with different textures can really help your house feel a bit more luxurious and make it look like it’s been designed by professionals. You don’t have to make everything a contrasting texture but having a leather sofa and velvet curtains can really bring a sense of style to the design. You could go one step further and have wooden panelling on one of the walls to add some depth to the overall look. Utilising lots of different textures can be a great way to curate a unique interior and it’s super easy to do.

Show Off Your Personality

When designing your home, don’t forget about your own personality. If you love vintage furniture, don’t feel like you have to buy modern just because it’s currently on trend. Following what’s popular in interior design can be a good way to get ideas, but you still want to remain individual. When guests enter your home, you want them to be able to tell straight away that it was designed by you as it should reflect your personality. You’ll also feel more at home if you follow through on your own ideas too as the space will look as though it belongs to you.

Patterns Can Be Your Friend

Patterns can seem scary when it comes to design as they can make or break a room. However, bringing in some different patterns can completely elevate your ideas and bring the room to life. You don’t have to go for something bold and bright either. Instead, try intricate, muted patterns like delicate florals or polka dots. These can help to add different layers to your design and stop the room from feeling bare and plain. Don’t feel like you can’t mix patterns together either. Spots and stripes can work amazingly well together as can geometric and honeycomb. Try pairing lots of different patterns using swatches or online tools and see if you can create a unique design.  

Mix Modern With Retro

Although fashion seems to be taking a step back in time and going for a retro vibe, interior design tends to look forward and make use of modern designs. But if you’re dreaming of a vintage-looking home with a 1950’s vibe, then go for it! Don’t let trends dictate what you want in your own home. You could even mix the past and present together by having an antique dining table and chairs paired with a modern kitchen full of all the latest gadgets. There are no rules saying you can’t lean more one way than the other, nor is there anything stopping you from combing them both.

Layers, And Plenty Of Them

Layering things up in your design can really enhance the overall look as it creates depth within the room. Layering up the floors is one of the easiest ways to do this too. Try laying multiple rugs around a room, even if you have carpet. This look can work well for those with wooden floors too as ordinarily they can look a little bare and make the room feel incomplete. Rugs can also be an easy way to bring a touch of colour into a minimalist room without being too overpowering.

Designing your home isn’t as difficult as you think. It just takes some planning and clear ideas on what you want to achieve. Try incorporating some of these tips into your next home design and you’ll soon see how easy it can be! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your gorgeously designed home, surrounded by your stunning interior.       


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