Everything You Should Know About Male Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers that play an integral in overall health. They are a crucial element of the normal functioning of our bodies, controlling instrumental body processes like metabolism and reproduction. Even minute changes in hormonal levels cause substantial effects on various aspects of overall health and functioning.

Hormonal imbalance in males

Hormonal imbalances in males happen when the endocrine glands produce too much or too little of the essential male hormones. The male hormones more prone to imbalances are growth hormone, testosterone and cortisol. As men advance in age, they are more likely to face hormonal imbalances. That said, age is not the sole cause of male hormonal imbalances. There are several other contributing factors.

Factors that contribute to hormonal imbalance

Age is a common reason for hormonal imbalance, despite not being the solitary reason. Other factors such as level of activity, genetics, medication, stress, chemotherapy, pituitary tumours etc come to play.

Types of hormonal imbalances in males

Male hormonal imbalances can fall under either of the categories below:

  • Adrenal fatigue: It happens when the adrenal glands lower cortisol production due to prolonged stress levels.
  • Hypothyroidism: here, the thyroid glands become underactive, limiting hormone production.
  • Hyperthyroidism: This refers to a condition where the thyroid glands become overactive.
  • Andropause: Also referred to as male menopause, and is the most predominant type of male hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance affects males and females alike. Some common manifestations of hormonal imbalances in both genders are mood swings, weight gain and fatigue. That said, some symptoms are specific for men experiencing hormonal imbalances. Here are some effects of hormonal imbalance in men:

  • Low sperm count

A common effect of hormonal imbalance in males is a reduction of sperm production in males. See, the testicles, pituitary glands and hypothalamus produce the hormones involved in sperm production. Any fluctuations in these hormones could impair sperm production leading to a low sperm count.

  • Hair loss

Androgen receptor gene dysfunction usually causes a shrinking in the hair follicles. That affects the cycle of hair growth resulting in dormant follicles that no longer produce hair.

  • Decreased muscle mass

Testosterone plays a significant role in the growth of muscle mass. Hormonal imbalances affecting testosterone production in males tend to cause a loss in muscle mass. The result is high body fat-predominantly in the abdominal area- and reduced muscle mass.

  • Loss of memory

Memory loss is an expected effect of andropause. Low testosterone production, typical with andropause, increases the likelihood of cognitive impairments in males.

  • Difficulty maintaining erections

Hormonal imbalance is a common culprit for inconsistent erections. Problems maintaining erections could be due to increased prolactin (produced in the pituitary gland). Extreme fluctuations in the thyroid hormones also affect prostate health.

  • Reduced sex drive

Low testosterone levels caused by hormonal imbalances could lead to weakened testicular function. That results in delayed puberty, bone weakness and low sex drive. Hormonal imbalance affecting testosterone production is likely to cause a reduced sex drive.

  • Overdevelopment of male breast tissue

Hormonal imbalance causes gynecomastia and enlarged breast tissues in males. The breasts may grow significantly and uneven.

Can you treat male hormonal imbalance?

Fortunately, male hormonal imbalance is not a life sentence. Advances in research and medical technology have introduced hormonal replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy is a popularly used treatment option for symptomatic hypogonadism. TRT has benefits like increased energy levels, improved bone density, high libido and positive cardioprotective effects. If you are dealing with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, you can find solace in the best testosterone replacement therapy treatments available. You can have phone consultation options to talk a specialist through your symptoms and get insights into the potential therapy objectives. Moreover, you can also get access to personalized therapies and doctor-directed at-home treatments.

Natural ways to balance hormones

Hormone replacement therapy is a viable option for treating hormonal imbalances. That said, a few lifestyle tweaks and a nutrient-focused diet can help temper the effects and symptoms of hormonal imbalance. These are some natural ways to counter hormonal imbalances:

  • Consume plenty of proteins.
  • Reduce intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  • Take more healthy fats to reduce insulin resistance.
  • Physical activity to modify hormone levels.
  • Work on stress management by incorporating stress-reducing activities like yoga, meditation, massage and listening to calming music.


Hormonal imbalance is a real issue with far-reaching effects on males and females. Hormonal imbalance puts an unnecessary strain on the quality of life one has the potential to achieve. Luckily, despite the substantial effects of hormonal imbalance, there are various ways to counter the issue, including hormone replacement therapy and other lifestyle changes.

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