Fundamental Keys In Garden Design

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Garden design is a task that requires keeping several fundamental factors in mind. These guidelines allow a harmonious space to be created and adapted to its owner’s tastes and comfort. These elements range from the plot’s soil to the attention to the openings through the local climate. Even the personality of the owner must be taken into account. It is the only way to create unique areas where those who live in the house are comfortable.

There are several options in landscaping design. But in all cases, the factors listed below must be taken into account.

Local Climate

The first is the local climate. Based on this, we decide the elements that we can include. For example, the type of vegetation we are going to plant or if we are interested in building a porch to enjoy a relaxation area depends entirely on the climate. Related to this is the issue of the plot of land. It makes no sense to plant vegetation that needs moist, porous soils in limestone or water-scarce areas.

The Spaces

On the other hand, there is attention to the spaces. Gardens allow us to create unique spaces. To do this, we must delimit ourselves. For example, leave an area of ​​grass, others of flowers and a third to prepare the living room. Also, if the garden is large enough, we can choose different decoration types for each of them.

Lighting In The Gardens

Another critical point is the lighting in the gardens. Depending on the environment we want to create, we will use one type or another. If we want a warm and welcoming space, we can use candle-type lights or small projectors that play with lights and shadows. On the other hand, if we look for more modern lighting in the gardens, led or fibre optic lights are more recommended. There are even some that look like tree branches and give a lovely effect.

Garden Colours

Related to the previous point is that of garden colours. The chromatic differences highlight some issues of it, create sensations, and even produce contrasts. For example, if we are looking for a cheerful and warm atmosphere, red, orange or yellow tones are recommended. In contrast, neutral garden colours like white convey serenity and calm.

Owner Personality

Finally, when designing a garden, we must take into account the personality of the owner. Both the plant species and the design elements that we choose must be related to it. Similarly, if you are bold and enjoy innovation, creating a garden inspired by the latest landscaping trends will do you good.

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