Great Adventure Ideas For The Mitsubishi ASX

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To take Mitsubishi’s slogan “styled for adventure” to heart. Let us look at great adventure ideas for the Mitsubishi ASX

This small SUV is anything but small. It has the potential for great adventures! Taking it off-road, on different terrains, a cross-country road trip, a trip to a cabin in the woods or just a drive to the beach. 

You are only living one life, so why not fill it with adventures. Granted, adventures can be different for everyone and with the Mitsubishi ASX, you do not have to be the person that chooses which adventures to take. You can be the person that chooses to go on all of them! 

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Camping Adventures

Getting to and from your camping destination is the fun part. Getting there builds the excitement and driving home is the perfect time to talk about all of the fun and exciting things you have done on the trip. 

You are going to need a vehicle that firstly, has enough seats for you and everyone else. With 5 seats, the Mitsubishi ASX is perfect. 

Now a camping trip is nothing without all of the gear you are going to need. That is if you are not doing the fancy glamping where everything is provided for you. When you look at how off-grid camping is, you are going to need to take everything with you. 

You can put all of the seats down inside the vehicle, so using the car as your tent may just be the way to go. 

The Mitsubishi, not only has enough seats but plenty of space for all of your gear. It measures 4365mm long, 1810mm wide and 1640mm tall, with a 2670mm tall wheelbase. Has a braked towing capacity of 1300kg and an unbraked towing capacity of 750kg. Of course, it can carry the big load you are travel with! 

Off-Road Adventures 

Why not take an off-road adventure to places like the Simpson Desert, known for its beautiful sunsets. The Victorian High Country, known for its snow-covered lakes during winter will disappoint on the views during your off-road experience. Or the more challenging off-road drives, The West Coast of Tasmania. 

The Mitsubishi ASX has ground clearance mm as well as all-wheel control(AWC). Allowing you to move from 2WD to 4WD for increased traction on slippery or loose roads. 

Road trip Adventures

The most common adventure is a road trip. Getting into your SUV, knowing that you are safe on long roads at any hour with all of the ASX’s safety features. Makes the thought of a road trip all the more appealing. 

The Mitsubishi ASX has a 5-star safety rating. It has 7 airbags, side-impact protection bars, ISOFIX children’s seat anchors, a brake assist system and so much more. The ASX is the perfect vehicle to take on those long road trips with your friends or family. 

When it comes to road trips you are obviously going to be thinking about the fuel and how much fuel you are going to need for your trip. The Mitsubishi ASX takes 7.5 litres per 100km. With a 63-litre tank capacity. Which roughly means that you can drive up to 800km on a full tank. 

A road trip is nothing without its “instagrammable” moments, with the Mitsubishi ASX being a good looking car you are sure to get those Instagram worthy pictures of you and your friends or family. The SUV is available in 7 colours. Namely; red, black, lightning blue, white, solid titanium, sterling silver and starlight. 

You are definitely going to be arriving at your destination in style, with the Mitsubishi ASX. 

The Spontaneous Adventure

The best kind of adventure is the spontaneous one. Yes, all of the above adventures could be classified as spontaneous. However, let us talk about those random trips to the beach or the farmers market on a Sunday morning kind of adventure. 

The Mitsubishi ASX is not just a vehicle engineered for grand adventures. It is also for unplanned adventures. The ones you decide to take just to get out of the house with your family or friends after a long week. 

The ASX is for all kinds of adventures and with all of its seats and space, you can purchase an extra big batch of organic fruits and vegetables from the market this time! 

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Adventures are about making memories. Whether you are an individual, a family or a group of friends. The Mitsubishi ASX is going to be the best companion through it all. 

For more information on the specs of the Mitsubishi ASX, visit car expert here. 

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