Seven Tips to Stay More Active as You Get Older

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To maintain optimal health and quality of life, it’s important to prioritize physical activity and overall wellness as we age. One of the best ways to improve mental health is to increase physical function by exercising. But, more than exercise, you should eat healthily and get regular checkups to prevent chronic diseases and conditions. As we age, it can be difficult to stay active due to other health concerns or physical limitations. But age doesn’t have to be a barrier to reaching your health goals. You can still do a lot if you are committed.

This article will highlight some tips for you to be more active.

1. Get Regular Checkups

Our bodies undergo several changes throughout life- weakening muscles, decreasing bone strength, and reduced cardiovascular function. Regular health screenings allow doctors to treat various diseases before they become more severe or terminal.

However, physical activity can counteract these effects and positively impact our quality of life. On top of that, exercise brings specific health advantages to those in danger of developing chronic illnesses.

This is especially true with seniors who served in the military or worked in construction. Why? Because these professions work around toxic substances like asbestos, known for causing dangerous diseases like asbestosis and terminal illnesses like malignant mesothelioma.

2. Join a Gym

When commencing a physical activity regimen, it is essential to start gradually and slowly increase the intensity of your exercise gradually.

Joining a gym doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights; you can start by walking or swimming, then increasing the duration and vigor over an extended period. Doing so reduces the risk of harm and, in turn, helps motivation levels up.

Ideally, the goal is to exercise for no less than 30 minutes daily, five times weekly.

3. Get enough sleep

When it comes to health and happiness, quality sleep can make all the difference. It’s recommended that adults aim for 7-8 hours of slumber per night. To achieve this, establishing a regular sleep schedule could be effective. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Additionally, avoid consuming caffeine and reduce screen time.

4. Stay hydrated

As we age, staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining bodily functions. Moreover, proper hydration is also important for maintaining energy levels and preventing dehydration.

Aim for at least eight cups of water daily, and drink water before, during, and after exercise. If you have health concerns or are taking medications, you must talk to your healthcare provider about special hydration needs.

In addition, staying hydrated provides the following benefits

  • Flushing the body of Toxins – With age, seniors must detox regularly. But you don’t need supplements or medicines if you keep yourself hydrated.
  • Joint Lubrication – Seniors often complain about their joints, as they weaken over time. Water provides a cushion for joints and increases mobility by lubricating them.
  • Increases Brain Function – Dehydration causes headaches, fatigue, and various other problems. But, if you remain hydrated, you will feel energetic, improving cognitive function and memory.

5. Consider Supplementation

Low-impact exercises like swimming or cycling and taking vitamin supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin aid in supporting joint health and preventing injuries, which is immensely crucial as we age. In case of joint pain or discomfort, we suggest you seek advice from your doctor regarding treatment options.

With age, dietary needs change, which warrants supplementation to improve health and immunity. There are different vitamin and mineral supplements in the market specifically targeted towards seniors. But, you must consult a dietician to know which is right for you.

6. Eat a healthy diet

A good diet is the key to beating chronic diseases and staying healthier for longer. It would be best to aim for a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Avoid processed and sugary foods, and limit your intake of saturated and trans fats.

A balanced diet provides the following benefits:

  • Fulfills Nutritional Requirements – as our bodies need different amounts of nutrition; a balanced diet provides all of them in the right quantity.
  • Improves Digestion – with age, our digestive system gets weaker, making it harder to digest and absorb nutrients. With a balanced diet, digestion is better, making it easier for our bodies to process food.
  • Better Energy Levels – a balanced diet helps seniors feel more energetic and less tired, which can further help improve their overall quality of life.

7. Stay Social

Keeping yourself socially active is vital to sustaining mental health and overall well-being. Engage in clubs, hobbies, or volunteer to remain connected with society. This could also be a brilliant opportunity to encounter new individuals and establish friendships.

Moreover, seniors should remain connected with family, friends, and community members to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve mood, and provide support.

Being part of a growing community with like-minded individuals is a healthy activity that promotes exchanging ideas and helps develop meaningful relationships.

Being social is also linked with higher brain function. Individuals who are more social live happier lives and are eager to learn more than those who aren’t social or spend time in isolation.


Staying active as you age is essential for maintaining physical function, preventing chronic diseases, and improving the overall quality of life.

By incorporating various exercises, finding enjoyable activities, and listening to your body, you can create a fitness routine that works for you. Working with a healthcare provider or personal trainer can provide individualized guidance and support.

Remember, it’s never too late to start or continue your fitness journey, and consistency is key for long-term health and wellness.

We hope you learned something from this article. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

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