Green Secrets Buyers Must Know To Pick A Sustainable Property

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A sustainable mindset is the best criterion a home buyer can adopt while looking for a property. Although you may have to spend more on such a property, you may still gain in the long run. A green home translates into a healthy lifestyle, and low carbon emissions give you peace of mind about doing your bit for the environment. Most importantly, you make considerable savings on energy bills over the years.

But everything boils down to choosing a property that fits into the definition of sustainability. However, it can be trickier than you imagine, specifically for first-time sustainability enthusiasts. Besides the basics like renewable building materials, home automation, and solar panels, you can check these green secrets to pick a sustainable property.

Look for a passive home

A passive home is a broad concept that includes a series of standards to maximize energy efficiency. It comprises design elements that limit the need for heating and cooling. For example, the orientation of the property should enable passive solar heating and illumination with natural lighting. Effective wall insulation, triple-pane windows, and house envelope to prevent gain or loss of heat are some other features a passive home must have. These elements work together to lower energy requirements, maintain indoor temperature, and improve indoor air quality. Following this simple green secret enables you to buy a home that fulfills almost all the expectations of sustainability.

Dig deep into the project specifications

Another secret to staying ahead of sustainable real estate goals is to dig deep into the project specifications. Think beyond the building itself, and check the land on which it stands. Ensure environmental due diligence with factors such as Wetland Delineation, soil assessments, underground tank checks, and more. These factors are essential to get construction permits, so every developer needs to follow them up during their projects. You can inquire explicitly to ensure a safe investment in an eco-friendly home. An easier way to check it is by looking for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)- certified property. Collaborating with a builder with a green reputation takes you the extra mile.

Ensure thoughtful landscaping

Most buyers emphasize energy savings with indoor features when it comes to buying a green property. But landscaping is equally significant when it comes to eco-friendliness. Ensuring thoughtful landscaping takes you a step ahead with a green mindset. Check surfaces because a green home should minimize impervious surfaces and facilitate penetration of rainwater into the soil instead of running off. Likewise, open-cell pavers are ideal for driveways and parking areas because they allow water to percolate into the bottom. Small things like plants requiring less energy-intensive maintenance and low watering needs make a difference. A wildlife-friendly garden is a plus when it comes to eco-friendliness.

Buying a green home requires a good understanding of the concepts of eco-friendliness. You must scratch the surface and dig deep to choose an ideal property. While the basics have you covered, you can add these secrets to your checklist to be extra-conscious about sustainable investment.

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