hansgrohe Rainfinity 3jet EcoSmart Hand Shower Review

hansgrohe 3jet Rainfinity ecosmart hand shower lying in a bath next to soap and a flannel

What first comes to mind when you think about saving water? Turning the tap off when you brush your teeth? Using a watering can rather than a hose? Choosing the eco setting on your dishwasher? All of these are true but have you ever wondered about your shower head? Did you know that with the right one, you could have a far better showering experience whilst saving up to 60% of the water you use?! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The hansgrohe Rainfinity 3jet EcoSmart hand shower is one of these and I was sent one to review by SaveMoneyCutCarbon so I could really see the benefits for myself.

Buy Green with hansgrohe and SaveMoneyCutCarbon

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are working alongside hansgrohe as their official EcoSmart distributor and Buy Green Partner. Buy Green is a campaign hansgrohe are running in tandem with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to promote their EcoSmart, eco cartridges and CoolStart ranges. From taps to showerheads for your whole home, these products are designed to save you on both your water and your heating bills meaning they are better for your pocket as well as for the environment.

About The hansgrohe Rainfinity Hand Shower

I am sure you are immediately wondering what makes a shower more eco than another one? Well, hansgrohe products all come with EcoSmart technology. Inside the tap or shower is a clever aerator and flow limiter, mixing air with the water before it comes out therefore reducing your water consumption. However, you don’t lose any of that lovely pressure because with the addition of this AirPower your water flow is not affected.

The hansgrohe Rainfinity 3jet EcoSmart Hand Shower is so-called because at a touch of a button you can change the jet from PowderRain to Intense PowderRain and then to MonoRain spray patterns – 3 jets in one shower head!

hansgrohe says:

“The micro-fine PowderRain setting reduces shower noise so the product is perfect for families and the Select button is simple to use when switching between spray modes, plus it’s child-friendly too. The spray pattern also has less splashing which means it’s great for busy people who need to reduce cleaning time.”

On top of these features it also has an XXL large shower face plate so you get more nozzles and therefore more spray, QuickClean Technology which means it is easy to clean the silicone naps plus a rinseable dirt filter.

And if you are wondering about waste/mending/parts and so on, SaveMoneyCutCarbon have all of this handy information on their website:

“hansgrohe’s motto is “repair not replace” and unlike many other taps and showers on the market, all hansgrohe products have spare parts available. What’s more, hansgrohe hold spares for 15 years after they discontinue a product! This means on the rare occasion your tap or shower needs repairing, parts are readily available at the fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

hansgrohe Rainfinity 3jet EcoSmart Hand Shower Review

First Impressions

The hand shower arrived in a simple cardboard box with no assembly required. I immediately loved how large the shower head was and could see it was a huge improvement on what we already had (a very small, basic hand shower that was leaking). It easily screwed onto my existing shower hose and was ready to use straight away.

I started out by having a little play with the jets to work out how they change, look and feel. The button to change the jets is located just below the nozzles which makes it very simple to switch whilst you are holding the shower head. The first setting is the PowderRain pattern which is gentle, very quiet in comparison to our other shower and uses all of the silicone nozzles. I could immediately tell this would be ideal for the dog and the children who aren’t overly keen on showers. The next Rainfinity pattern is the Intense PowderRain which uses fewer nozzles but gives your water more of a boost and finally you can switch to the MonoRain which is one stream coming from the centre, ideal for rinsing items, cleaning the bath, targeting one area and so on.

Using the Rainfinity EcoSmart Hand Shower

The first family member to try out the EcoSmart hand shower was in fact our pup, Tessa. She isn’t a huge fan of having a bath so I thought I would see if the quieter water would be an improvement for her. The first thing I noticed was how much easier it was for me to handle the shower head whilst keeping one hand on Tessa. Our previous shower would fly about due to the water pressure if not handled correctly or placed down to say grab the shampoo or reassure the dog and would always end up soaking me or the floor. The Rainfinity EcoSmart hand shower has such a gentle water flow that I could easily handle it with one hand, I could place it down with zero movement, I could move it with ease across her body and make the whole experience much calmer for her.

The gentle water pattern helped to reduce her stress and the wide shower head allowed for more coverage of her body meaning the washing process took less time. I did have to switch to the Intense PowderRain for rinsing off the shampoo but she seemed far happier with that than she ever has done with our previous shower. Overall a much more pleasant bath time all around.

me bathing our border terrier pup Tessa in the bath with the Rainfinity shower

Obviously, after bathing a dog we are left with hairs that need cleaning up which gave me the opportunity to see if the MonoRain would work as I had expected it to. With just one stream, this allowed me to target the hairs, move them down the bath and collect them up in one place. With a normal showerhead, I was often battling with dog hairs flying all over not to mention the spray coming up over the sides of the bath. I managed to clean our bath quickly and effectively.

Next up was our youngest child, William, who has never liked having a shower on him. The noise and the force of the water was always very offputting for him. I decided to try it out whilst he was sitting in the bath and I was so surprised by his reaction. William allowed me to show him how the shower worked (buttons always help when you have kids!), he let me tickle his hands with it at first and then he took over and once he was ready he let me shower his body. I didn’t try his hair because I didn’t want to ruin our progress but just to see him being happy with a shower being sprayed on him is a huge improvement and I put that down to how gentle and quiet this shower is.

child in bath putting his hands out for the shower to spray on them

I tested the shower out on my own hair and I must say it was a really relaxing experience. I really enjoyed the soft flow of the water and as I mentioned above, the larger shower head meant I got more coverage meaning it reduced the time it took to wet it, wash it and rinse it. There was no spray back either. Ideal!

Overall Thoughts

I never thought I would be this excited about a shower but it just goes to show that once you find a product that works well, works for your lifestyle, that makes life easier, saves time plus money, it can make a big difference to your home. I love the ethos of this brand, I love that by switching to a product like this I am helping the environment and I am so impressed by its performance. Time to look at changing our en-suite shower now I think!

You can check out the full range over at SaveMoneyCutCarbon here.

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