Happy Beaks Garden Bird Essentials Review and Giveaway

The Happy Beaks products on a patio - mulit-nesting nest box, bird feeder, wild bird seed mix and Robin nesting box

Attracting more wildlife to our garden has been something that we have been working hard on for the last few years. Owning a reasonably new home, it is common for areas to become nature depleted for a time after construction, yet even though we moved in a few years after the build and added a better lawn, more plants, bushes and even a tree, we still weren’t happy about the lack of wildlife we were attracting here. So, we went a little further. We added a pond made out of a planter, we increased the number of plants, we stopped making the garden “super tidy” and left leaves/twigs on the ground for longer, we started taking part in ‘No Mow May’ and we began to feed the birds – just a little seed at first in bowls and then fat balls in a wooden feeder and then we moved onto mealworms and even built a little wooden house feeder for the smaller bird varieties. Another pond was built, this time a small wildlife one within our flower bed and little by little we saw a change. Our visitors now included more birds, a hedgehog, dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, hummingbird moths and more. Our garden residents suddenly included a frog and a nesting pair of blackbirds who last year had 3 broods in our tiny garden and who have returned this spring to do it all over again – and we are over the moon. Our garden has finally sprung to life and I am still eager to further increase the wildlife here, and thanks to Happy Beaks, I can now take the next steps. Oh, and if you stay until the end you could be able to as well by entering the giveaway!

Happy Beaks Review

The lovely team at Happy Beaks who is your one-stop shop for all of your garden bird’s needs have sent me bird seed, a bird feeder, a robin nesting box and a multi-nester box to review and giveaway so let’s take a look at each of those products now…

the Happy Beaks products including the multi-nester nesting box, the bird feeder, the wild bird seed mix and the Robin nesting box sat on a patio surrounded by plants in pots

No Husk, No Grow, No Waste Wild Bird Seed Mix

Did you know that not all bird seed is the same? When shopping for a mix for your garden you need to take into consideration the types of birds that are visiting, and the time of year, for example, if the parents are feeding their young they will need a food source with a good energy boost. And you will of course, also want to consider whether or not you want random things growing in your flower beds because a lot of seed mixes will germinate if left on the ground. This is why Happy Beak’s no husk, no grow, no waste wild bird seed mix is a great choice.

Happy Beaks no husk no grow no waste wild bird seed mix

This mix not only has a good range of maize, cereal, oats, suet pellets and peanuts but it has also been de-husked and heat-treated meaning it cannot grow if spilt over into the garden. This process does not impact palatability, in fact, it is easier for birds to digest meaning you will attract a wider variety from Blue Tits to Blackbirds, Crows, Pigeons and possibly even a Woodpecker. Added bonus – this will also not attract rats and mice because the bit they like has been removed!

the Happy Beaks wild bird seed in my hands

This seed has been a real hit in our garden, especially with our Robin and pair of Blackbirds.

Squirrel Guard Bird Feeder

Squirrels can be big problems when it comes to birdseed being left out. Thankfully at the moment, we don’t have any, however, there are a few squirrels that visit some of our neighbours’ gardens on the other side of the street so if they ever do catch wind of the food over here I am sure they would venture across in a flash! Which is why I am happy that I am now prepared if that does ever happen.

This large squirrel guard bird feeder can hang from any tree and not only has a metal mesh that will allow small birds in and keep squirrels out but also a plastic tube which is perfect for holding seed mixes, sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. I really like the fact that it has a secure lid on the top to keep it weatherproofed but also makes for easy refilling. It’s also really pretty, don’t you think?

Robin Nesting Box

As I have mentioned above, we do have a Robin who likes to visit our garden for food but wouldn’t it be great if he/she decided to return here with a mate at some point? With this open-fronted wooden Robin nesting box we could well be seeing that in the near future! I am so excited to get this up! Birds such as Robins, Wrens and even Blackbirds prefer an open-fronted house like this one. Ideally, your Robin nesting box should be placed away from direct sunlight, preferably northeast facing if possible, and surrounded by some vegetation. This will help to shelter their chicks from the elements but will also prevent overheating.

the Robin nesting box

The main positives of this nesting box are that it is sturdy, it has a non-toxic stain applied and it has a lovely shingle roof giving it an attractive finish.

Multi-Nester Nest Box

This multi-nester nest box is really versatile as it can be adapted to the types of birds that visit your garden. You can leave it as it is with the hole entrance for Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows, Tree Sparrows and Nuthatches. Or you can unscrew this part to turn it into an open-fronted nest box for your Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds. How brilliant is that?! Having the ability to get inside the box will also make it easier to fix to your wall/tree plus you can easily clean it out if required (once the nesting season is over).

When choosing a location for a box like this you want to ensure again that it is not in direct sunlight but protected from the elements and that your bird will have a clear flight path if you place it in or near to a tree. Just like the Robin nesting box, this one is also sturdy and stained with a non-toxic product in order to increase its longevity.

Overall Thoughts

This bundle of bird products will now help us to feed more bird varieties, hopefully attract more nesting birds either this year or next year and keep the squirrels and other pesky rodents at bay! I am really looking forward to seeing what residents our garden will welcome next.


You can win all of these items from Happy Beaks by entering the competition below:

*Competition will run from 11am 18/04/23 – 9:30am 02/05/23

Happy Beaks – Emma Reed

Good Luck!

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