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As we’re in the run-up to Summertime, now is the perfect time to do any home décor projects you have had in mind for a while, acting now will mean by the time Summer comes along you have a nice home with a funky new look ready for all the Summer events you’ll be hosting in the year ahead.

But obviously, home décor projects usually mean ending up with a large bill for all your new décor pieces as well as any other changes you make, so today, we’ll be looking into some home décor projects you can do for less than £100, you read that right, we’ll be looking into changes you can make around your home on a modest budget.

Install New Blinds

First off we have the simplest project you can undertake, swapping out your old, tired blinds for a vibrant new set will bring a new lease of life to your home, add more colour to your room and all in all give whatever room you’re decorating a nicer finish!

Back in the day, getting new blinds made could be expensive, but thanks to modernisation in the blinds world it is very easy to find very good blinds like a made to measure Roman blind for less than £100! All you need to do is measure your window and order your blinds from a made to measure retailer and you can give any room in your home a quick facelift for less than £100!

a roman blind

Create A Feature Wall

Wallpapering a whole room can be a costly endeavour, most rooms have quite a lot of wall space that needs to be covered, meaning a lot of the time wallpaper alone can blow your budget before you even consider things like wallpaper paste or the tools you’ll need.

But you can keep the costs down with wallpapering when you opt to wallpaper a feature wall, rather than a whole room. With a feature wall, you will still get a great look from your wallpaper and you’ll help draw attention to that newly decorated space, while only having to buy the materials to paper one wall rather than four.

Colour Pop Doorways

Another great project that has a high style payoff but a small cost would be colour-popping your doorways. This is a simple project where you simply just paint the doorframes in your home with a bright vibrant colour, this will create a stunning look in your home and help with stylistic transitions between rooms.

This project can also be done ridiculously cheap, as you’re only painting door frames you’ll only need a little paint and may be able to get away with buying a very small pot of paint or even just using a few free sample pots of paint to bring some new life into your home’s doorways.

Revive Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a very expensive project that would cost you a few hundred pounds, but by redecorating the cabinets you all ready have is an equally effective project which only carries a fraction of the cost.

fresh kitchen space

Rather than replacing kitchen cabinets, simply take off the doors and redecorate them. If you want a colour change paint them in a new colour or different wood stain and if you feel so inclined you can replace the door handles as well to give the illusion of an entirely new kitchen cabinet!

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