How Therapy Can Help Your Fear Of Doctors

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Fear of doctors is known as iatrophobia, and for those who suffer, it is a very real problem. Not only do they suffer from anxiety and stress when encountering doctors, but it can lead them to become extremely unwell because they deliberately stay away from medical help even if they absolutely do need it.

Therefore, it is crucial that anything suffering from this phobia is treated for it as soon as possible in order to protect their mental and physical health. This is where therapy can be useful. A good therapist can help someone overcome their iatrophobia and start on the road to recovery. Here is how it works.


The Root Of The Problem

The first thing that a therapist would do would be to discuss the reasons behind this fear – what is the root of the problem and why are doctors considered so frightening for their patient? The answer could be any number of things. It could be because a doctor or surgeon, who the patient trusted, made a mistake due to negligence or misdiagnosis. Therefore, they might have needed help from They might remember a story about a doctor that a relative or friend told them as a child that has stuck with them. They might simply not like losing any control, and visiting a doctor and waiting for a diagnosis can cause this to happen.

Once the reason is found, it will be easier to treat. A therapist will then be able to work on undoing the harm that was done in the past.


Talk Is Good

A therapist will also allow their patient to talk as much as they need to about their fear of doctors. It is good to talk things through and discuss problems and, in some cases, having a sympathetic ear to listen to the problems that you are experiencing can be enough to, if not cure someone altogether, at least start the process.

This process may be a slow one, but it is a vital one. If it never starts, the patient might never see a doctor until it becomes an emergency, and their fear will only be exacerbated in this situation.


Start Slowly

Going to a therapist will involve talking through the problem, but it will also involve coming up with a plan to solve it completely if this is possible. There are a number of ways this can be done, but each one will need to be done slowly and methodically, ensuring that the patient is able to complete each stage before moving onto the next.

If a therapy like this is rushed and someone is presented with a doctor and asked to trust them implicitly without any guidance or any help at all, it can make the fear much worse, so much so that a real medical issue can occur.

A good therapist will know exactly how to take things slowly, offering small steps to their patient to enable them to move forward at their own pace and to feel accomplished as they go.



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