How To Make A Boot Brush

boot brush
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With the many muddy walks we’ve been on recently, my hallway was starting to look worse for wear and I was getting frustrated with the amount of vacuuming I was doing. As we had recently put down a new front door mat (thanks to the puppy!) I had some offcuts left over which I was keeping hold of because I just knew I could make them come in handy in some way… And that’s exactly how this idea came to mind. Here is how to make a boot brush:


For a homemade item, I always like to look at what we have around the home rather than buying new and along with the doormat offcuts, we thankfully also had some wood in our garage. So all I needed were tacks or staples plus screws to hold it together. So, so simple. I would say that you could also use some old scrubbing brushes, an old doormat if you’re replacing it, old soft hairbrushes perhaps? Just take a look around at what you have in your home, shed or garage that could be repurposed.



Tacks or staples


Electric drill


Varnish or wood paint


I mean when I say method I am using it very loosely here. I did just make this up as I went along.

Step 1

Take the largest shoe in your household to get a good idea of how long and how wide you will need your boot brush to be as this will need to work for the whole family. Draw a line to mark where you need to cut the length taking into account that the foot will need a bit more space at each end for it to be brushed back and forth.

a large boot on planks of wood being measured

As you can see, I had wood in narrow planks like this. Luckily 2 planks were the right size for the bottom of the boot brush and then another two were the right size for the sides.

Step 2

Use a saw to cut all of your pieces of wood to size.

Step 3

Glue or tack the pieces of wood together at the bottom. I used superglue as that was all I had and then I tacked them to hold in place.

Step 4

Cut your door mat pieces to size and tack onto the wood.

hammer and tacks next to the half finished boot brush

Step 5

Take an electric drill and make your holes through the side into the base and then screw them all together and secure into place.

the boot brush finished
the finished boot brush

Step 6

As the boot brush will live outside you will now need to varnish or paint the wood in order to protect it.

the boot brush outside next to walking boots

And that’s it, one very simple homemade boot brush that should hopefully save all of the mud from coming indoors!

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