How to Make a Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs World Book Day Costume

Harry and the Dinosaurs World Book Day Costume

World Book Day, that day of the year that sends parents into a frantic hunt for the ideal costume for their little ones. Now, I love a good dressing up day and I also love creating the look myself rather than going shop bought – for both environmental and budget reasons – so coming up with a World Book Day costume idea for me is pretty good fun. However, due to lockdowns and the introduction of pyjama days instead of a costume, we’ve not had many proper World Book Days just yet but I wanted to share some that I have really enjoyed coming up with and this Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs costume is such a simple choice.

Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs

If you haven’t heard of this series it’s a great one to add to your collection. Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs is the first book and follows the story of how Harry helps his Nan in the loft one day and comes across some old dusty toy dinosaurs. He brings them downstairs to clean and fix them and decides that they should live in a bucket which he proceeds to carry around everywhere with him. His dinosaurs come to life and talk to him and in each book they have a different mini adventure.

Harry’s Look

Harry wears jeans, a variety of different T-shirts, trainers and a red jacket in this first book. Really, really simple to create.

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs in the book

We already owned blue jogging bottoms and coincidentally they also had dinosaurs on them – perfect! We chose a striped T-shirt and trainers that we again already owned and I managed to find a red cardigan in a charity shop for £2 to complete the look.

a child's red cardigan in a charity shop

The Bucketful of Dinosaurs

I’m sure most of you will already own a bucket for the beach and honestly, a homemade costume doesn’t need to match the book perfectly so don’t worry too much about the colour. Many of you will probably also own some toy dinosaurs too but if not, there are usually bags of these on sale in charity shops or you could check out Facebook marketplace, Vinted or ask some friends if they could lend you some for the day.

the Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs costume laid out on the floor

The Finished Look

And that’s all there is to this Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs World Book Day Costume, simple, cost-effective and a really cute look.

the finished Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs World Book Day costume

If you like this you may also like my Mr Tickle World Book Day costume or my Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume too.

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