How to Take Care of Your Wristwatch

*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

A watch is not just a simple timepiece that tells you the time, it is a statement about your personality and in most cases, it is also an investment. Since most watches are delicate and can easily suffer the test of time, you must ensure that they are well taken care of. Thus, here is how you can take care of your wristwatch and give it a longer lifespan and keeping it looking new and pristine.

Keep It Clean

Make sure to keep your wristwatch clean at all times. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it clean each time every few days. When cleaning, target the areas around the band, the crystal, and the case. If your wristwatch’s band is made of leather, since the material is not waterproof, keep water away from it.

Always Take It to an Expert for Repairs

If your watch is having any kind of problem, always take it to a professional watch repair shop like this one for example, or use your own repair kit if you know what you are doing. Only use this if you feel confident you don’t want to end up soiling your wristwatch further in the process.

Store it in its Box

Watches, especially luxury ones, always come in a uniquely designed box. While it might serve the purpose of presentation and fanciness, the box is also designed for proper storage and to keep your watch safe. Therefore, put your watch in the box every time you are not wearing it.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Chemicals are a watch’s worst enemy, and you must avoid them at all costs. You might think that we are referring to chemicals such as cleaning supplies, but our focus here is on simple, everyday chemicals such as colognes and perfumes. These chemicals will cause corrode the band of your chain wristwatch, hence making it wear off sooner. So, be extra careful when handling these kinds of things!

Keep It Way from Magnets

You must never expose a watch to a magnet, since it can cause it to not function optimally. If you accidentally are around a magnet while wearing your watch, remove it from that area as soon as you realize the mistake. Take it to the nearest technician to get it checked out and make sure there has not been any damage.

Be Careful of Sun Exposure

The ultraviolet rays from the sun are not good for your watch. If you wear your watch in sun for long periods of time, its original color may fade. The heat from the sun might also compromise the battery life of your wristwatch. Therefore, make sure to minimize the duration over which your watch is exposed to sunlight.

All of these care tips may make you think your watch is a delicate thing that should not be worn outside and handled with extreme care, but this is not the case at all! Enjoy your watch and wear it in any occasion, just make sure to avoid the things mentioned above and maintain it regularly to keep it in perfect condition.

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