How Well Does The Samsung Eco-Bubble Perform?

samsung eco-bubble

When we were looking into buying a new washing machine, the Samsung eco-bubble immediately came to my mind. I’d heard good things about it and the fact that it also had the eco function, meant we would also be saving water. However, on the flip side of this, I was concerned that less water, especially in a hard water area would bring problems for our clothing but as most of the reviews we read were positive we decided that the pros outweighed the cons and made our purchase. So how well does the Samsung eco-bubble perform?…

Easy To Use

The first noticeable thing about the eco-bubble is that everything is very clear on the front and using it is simple. With options ranging from a daily wash to super eco-wash, baby care, outdoor care, bedding, delicates, wool, synthetics, cotton and more there are plenty of choices for you to pick from and for every type of wash you’ll ever need to do.

settings on the eco-bubble

Adapting the Wash

With each wash option, you can then go on and change the wash cycle further by selecting your own temperature, how many rinses it does, the spin speed as well as an option for more heavily soiled items and the bubble soak which is designed to soak your clothes for longer in order to remove stubborn stains. The fact that you can adapt each wash like this makes life so much easier.

extra settings on the eco-bubble

Choosing Settings

Which settings you opt for will highly depend on the type of water you have in your area, how dirty your clothing is, how much you are putting in and how quickly you’ll want the washing done. It took me around three weeks to get completely to grips with which cycles worked with what items; with our cloth nappies being the trickiest part to work out (see below). There’s always going to be a bit of trial and error with any new product and we’d had our last washing machine for over 10 years so we were very used to how that worked for us.

What we have found with the Samsung eco-bubble is that it performs very well on the cotton and baby care wash but that the daily wash isn’t the best option for us. If I have a small load which isn’t very dirty, it works perfectly fine but children’s clothes with stains or anything smelly need a far better wash. The only real benefit of the daily wash is that it is the fastest wash on the machine so it isn’t a huge loss if you don’t need to use it. If you select the cotton wash and then reduce the temperature, the spin speed etc. you will begin to reduce wash time anyway and a smaller load will take a shorter wash too. However, if you have softer water, you may find this setting a good option. It is definitely all down to personal choice which I discovered when I asked some other parents about how they found the performance of this machine. Everyone seemed to have a favourite wash cycle and had their own way of adapting that choice. I believe that everybody can find a good combination once they’ve had a play with the settings for a while.

the eco-bubble in use


The eco-bubble works by weighing each load as it starts up. This then calculates how much water it thinks it needs. This is a great way of saving water and being more eco-friendly but you may find this takes some getting used to and it will be a major factor in what settings you choose. I have found that a lighter load washes far better because it allows the water to move around each item freely and easily. If you jam-pack the clothes in, the lack of water cannot penetrate between the clothes and they do not wash sufficiently. However, this is something that you can get around by dividing you washing a little further. The other benefit of having less water and with the addition of the bubbles is that you don’t need to wash on a higher temperature. The bubbles move through the clothes to remove stains as heat would do in a regular machine, meaning you can do even more for the environment.

the eco-bubble



The machine itself is so quiet as it washes but one noisy point that infuriated me was the ‘tune’ it played at the end of the wash. Thankfully, you can turn this off by holding down the rinse and spin buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds (located on the front of the machine).

Child Lock

What a lifesaver!! My old machine didn’t have this feature and I am so glad I can now lock my washing machine to prevent little fingers from pausing it, changing settings etc. The only thing this doesn’t cover is them turning it off! Yep, if they hit that power button, the machine turns off and you have to start all over again. It’s such a shame that the child lock doesn’t cover this too.

Add Wash Function

Our Samsung eco-bubble has the add wash function but I must admit that so far we haven’t felt the need to use it. The small door is located on the top of the washing machine door and can be opened during a wash as long as the wash is under 50°. I expect some people will find this feature a real benefit but I am never really that urgent for items and have been happy to wait for the next load.

the add wash feature on the eco-bubble


Washing Cloth Nappies

Now I know a lot of my followers will be interested in this part because once you start using cloth nappies you are usually on the lookout for the next eco purchase. Finding the perfect combination to get my nappies and wipes clean took a bit of experimenting but I can happily say that they are coming out beautifully clean with this wash cycle:

  • daily wash (as your rinse) on 20°. 4 rinses, no spin.
  • baby care wash with full detergent. 60°, 4 rinses, 1200 spin and bubble soak.


Drum Clean

I love the fact that the washing machine will alert you when the drum needs a clean. I usually try to remember to do mine once a month using white vinegar and bicarb but it’s not something that always pops to mind. When the drum needs a wash you will notice the settings will jump to this at the end of each wash to prompt you to do this next.

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend the Samsung eco-bubble as I believe it can perform perfectly for you due to the vast options of wash cycles and settings and this is the case for both soft and hard water. Yes, it may take a little getting used to but once you fathom it all out it will all come easily to you and your clothes will be well-cleaned and you will save yourself money on energy in the long run.

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15 thoughts on “How Well Does The Samsung Eco-Bubble Perform?

  1. Great content. I was looking for information about eco bubble wash. Found this useful article. It is very helpful.

    1. I have a samsung 8.5kg front loader/add washer with bubble wash. It’s a good cycle but avoid washing clothes above 20 celcuis as it can damage items with prints and lift them off clothing. Like gym clothing, nike adidas etc will peel the print/logo off clothing. Good luck

  2. Hey Emma I just got my new Samsung washing machine the same as yours but reading the manual is very different to how you explain witch yours seems straight forward (says me lol ) the part thats confusing me is the quick wash 2kg how are you meant to weigh your clothes to 2kg.
    I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it 🤔
    And can you adjust the wash cycle and temperature to suit your needs. Thanks Elaine 😊

    1. Hi, mine weighs the clothes as it starts up and then adjusts it’s wash time accordingly so even though you may fill it up and it says 3 hours, it may change to 1 hour once it begins as it works out the load doesn’t need quite so much. I find it washes better if you don’t ever overfill it as it doesn’t use much water.
      Yes, on mine you can change the settings for every cycle, just press the buttons below say temp or spin and it will light up next to the option you want. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Emma. Thanks for the write up on the machine. I’m suspicious the machine empties the water out after the bubble wash cycle, like a prewash. Ive used the bubble wash function and gone to check the suds in my nappy wash, and there’s no suds visible.
    I have a suggestion for your nappy wash cycles, you mentioned you have hard water. Modern detergents don’t build up and you only need one rinse cycle. The extra rinses are using extra water and adding mineral build up into the nappies from your hard water.
    Try a warm wash for your prewash and continue on with your long wash cycles.

    1. Hi, if you look at the photos of my machine it has a delicate option but I am not sure how different models vary so it may be that yours is called something else? You may need to contact Samsung to double check

      1. Mine doesnt have hand wash or delicate wash either so i just set it to the 20c cold wash.

  4. Hi Emma , have just bought a Samsung eco bubble and on powering up it defaults straight away to the eco 40-60 2 hrs38 mins wash is there any way I can change this default on start up ?
    Thanks in advance for any/all help

    1. It tells you in the manual that the default setting is Eco 40-60, the machine has to have a default setting,it even tells you why, EU law on energy saving.

      It’s simple to rotate the dial to the wash of your choice once the machine powers up

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