Ideas For Eco-Friendly Storage In The Home 

eco-friendly storage in the form of glass jars
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There are many easy, eco-friendly ways to organise your home so you can get rid of clutter, save money, and reduce waste. Even though these changes may seem small, they can help you live in a way that is better for the environment. Read on to find out what they are so you can make a good start and change your at-home storage habits for the better. 

Reuse Containers 

You may well have boxes from shopping and deliveries that you haven’t used and need to throw away – most of us do. Use them to hold your things instead of putting them in the trash. Smaller boxes can hold things like craft supplies, old jewellery, or beauty products. Larger boxes can hold your winter clothes, Christmas decorations, and dresses. In this way, you get the most out of the space.

You might also have a lot of empty food jars at home. After you clean these jars, you can put things like beads, grains, pens, paintbrushes, or kitchen tools in them. You might even want to bring a little bit of nature inside by putting a few plants in them.

Have Less Furniture 

You need furniture, and you need storage – these are two facts that you can’t get away from, no matter where you live. So why not combine the two? There are many possibilities out there, such as modern TV stands with storage from Tylko. This makes sense if you want a less cluttered, more organised home, but how is it good for the environment? 

If you have furniture that doubles as storage, you won’t have to buy so many pieces. That means less is made, and that means less energy is used in general through the manufacturing process. Plus, when the time comes to buy new things, you’ll be putting less into landfills (and, of course, donating or selling the items is even better). 

Repair Things

We live in a society where things are just thrown away when they break or are no longer useful. But it’s important to remember that many things that break can be fixed or used in other ways, like as a good way to store things.

If you break a chest of drawers or a shelf, look to see if there are any parts that can be used again. Drawers can be put inside large cabinets to make more space for clothes or laundry, and shelves can be added to a desk to make more room for papers or office supplies.

Repairing also has a couple of other benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked: it lets you personalise the inside of your home and is better for the environment because it cuts down on waste and disposal.

Go Plastic Free

If you choose storage options that are better for the environment, like jute, seagrass, bamboo, jute, and woven baskets, you won’t end up with a lot of dusty plastic containers. When it comes to eco-storage, there are a lot of stylish options that go well with your home decor.

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