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Nordgreen watch

Do you know what? I haven’t worn a watch since before having my children! I always used to wear one but the clasp kept getting snagged on things and I didn’t want to hurt their little gentle skin on the cold strap when they were tiny. Checking the time seemed to somehow naturally shift to constantly checking my mobile phone but I must admit that gets really tiresome especially if you don’t always want to have your phone on you. A simple solution would be to now go back to wearing a watch but with sustainability being a really important factor for me, I wanted to ensure I could find a brand that ticked all of my boxes. Nordgreen is one such company who have not only created a sleek and stylish range of sustainable and vegan watches for both men and women but who are also passionate about the impact they have on our planet. They sent me a women’s watch from their Infinity range and this is my review.

About Nordgreen

Nordgreen started in 2017 with business partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt having the vision to build a brand that would be actionable toward sustainable practices all whilst creating aesthetically pleasing, and functional collections of designer timepieces. 

Nordgreen Say:

“Nordgreen is a typical Danish surname, combined from two words – ‘Nord’ and ‘Green.’ The “Nord” is characteristic of our Nordic identity. The “Green” embodies our commitment to our environment.

In the Nordic region, there’s a strong connection to nature and its ability to endure the challenges of time. There is an inherent responsibility to social and environmental causes to improve life for all. In the Nordic region, sustainability is a way of life, creating useful and long-lasting solutions because it’s the right thing to do”

Nordgreen take pride in what they create and will not settle when it comes to high quality. From materials used, manufacture, customer service and staff, they ensure that all meet their own high expectations.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to buying new items is the strain that production, materials, delivery etc can have on our planet. Nordgreen openly say on their website that the best thing to do is not to buy a watch at all but at the same time, we all know how useful and practical having a watch can be which is why they only create timeless pieces that won’t go out in and out of trend, ones that could last a person a lifetime. On top of this, they have sustainable initiatives which include:

  • Tree planting for carbon offsetting
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Giving back programme
  • Recycling
  • Plastic offset

Giving Back

With so many people in need of help across the globe, Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program has become an integral part of their company. They currently have three partner NGOs who they support through every sale they make – Water For Good, Pratham UK and Cool Earth all of whom are working hard to make a difference to both people and the environment. When you purchase your watch you simply select the cause you would like your sale to contribute to. Once you have your watch and its serial code, enter this onto their website and to do your bit.

Nordgreen Watch Review

First Impressions

The watch arrived in a stunning deep blue display box and immediately made me think how luxurious it all looked.

the Nordgreen watch in the case

From their wonderful collection I chose the Vegan Infinity watch in Dove Grey as I wanted something simplistic, practical, attractive and would look good dressed up or down and I felt this watch covered all of these requirements.

The infinity vegan watch in Dove grey

I straight away loved the large watch face and how classic it all looked. The next noticeable feature was the extremely soft, vegan strap. It felt cushioned and comfortable from the very first wear and allowed the watch to move easily with my wrist. As with all of their watches, this strap is interchangeable so I could opt to purchase another shade and change it up as and when I wanted.

The infinity watch on my wrist
the soft vegan strap of the watch

Wear Test

Being a busy Mum, I have been wearing the watch on school runs, dog walks, whilst cleaning the house, running errands and so on. It has remained comfortable, easy to glance at for the time, very simple to whip off when required and due to the soft strap it is easy to pop back on without the aid of another person. I have found the watch to be easy to wipe clean, it hasn’t been marked by my wearing it a lot and the vegan leather is really well made.

Nordgreen watch

Overall Thoughts

I can’t tell you how nice it has been to be back in a watch. I now feel as though I can keep track of my time without constantly needing my phone in my pocket or nearby. It is certainly going to make a big difference in the summer when we are out in the garden more or on longer walks. I love the style, it is most definitely “me” and is so comfortable that I barely notice I am wearing it.

With fantastic sustainability credentials, a wonderful giving back scheme, timless designs and great thought into how to create a business whilst protecting our planet, Nordgreen are a company leading the way. To find out more about them and to check out their full range of sustainable watches you can visit their website here.

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*I was sent the Nordgreen watch in exchange for a review. As always all opinions are honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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8 thoughts on “Review | Nordgreen Sustainable Watch

  1. I’d be lost without my watch, but never thought about it catching on a baby. Now that’s all I can think about, haha! The watch is beautiful, looks classy and elegant on your wrist.

  2. I hardly ever wear a watch these days, but something like this would be really useful when I’m on playground duty at work!

  3. I am the same – stopped wearing a watch and my engagement ring when I had babies for fear of scratching them! This is a really pretty watch and even better than it has green credentials.

  4. I love the minimalist design of this watch so many watches these days do everything bar cook your dinner!
    The strap is gorgeous, I think sometimes when you hear something is vegan friendly you think it will have lost the look and appeal that you usually get but had you not said I probably wouldn’t have realised.

  5. Nordgreen watches are lovely – very understated and classic. While I don’t think this one wouldn’t suit me personally, it would make a lovely thoughtful gift.

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