Kid’s Garden Ideas: How We Built The Perfect Toddler Garden

Jake's garden sign

As Spring is here we decided to come up with a kid’s garden idea to keep our little guy busy and entertained whilst we are outside. We chose to make him his very own garden that he can dig and play in, a place where he could maybe grow some strawberries and also an area of his own to stop him destroying all my flower beds!

The original idea was to use the wood we already had in the garage, but the pallets weren’t all in great shape so the whole recycling part turned into part recycled and partly bought which is still better than buying all new.

We wanted a wooden boxed kid’s garden to keep soil, sand, stones and any toys where he could play happily and make whatever mess he wanted. So the basic frame was built by simply screwing together the 4 sides of wood (you can choose what size or shape), 2 high to get your depth and a divider in the centre. With a willing (?) husband thrown in.

We needed a solution for fixing the top part to the bottom. Hubby had purchased some fence posts because he had the idea that the garden would sit on legs but they looked to me like colouring pencils, which led to a fab idea to make Jake’s garden much more fun!

I used leftover paint we had stored in the garage and set about making the posts into giant colouring pencils with a purpose.

We used a garden liner in the soil side to prevent the wood from rotting over time as we want it to last. We filled one compartment with soil and the other with stones (bought from a garden centre) and play sand.


The little sign was made using wooden letters, painted by myself and Jake, then glued onto a piece of old wood we had lying around and another strip of wood nailed on.


We will add a few more touches and will attempt to grow some strawberries this year. But for now, here is one kid’s garden ready to be played with however he wants.


I hope we have given you a few ideas for your own kid’s garden and some tips on how to go about creating it. 

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18 thoughts on “Kid’s Garden Ideas: How We Built The Perfect Toddler Garden

  1. What a cute idea! 🙂 I love DIY projects and though I don’t have kids myself, I may have to keep this in mind if I change my mind one day. Adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow I love this a lot! What a fab idea and so creative. I think any child would love their own little garden and you never know he may want to start planting some bits in the soil. Thank you for linking up another wonderful outdoor post to #ChasingNature Kelly

  3. Oh this is so lovely! My eldest son really takes an interest in plants but sadly I can kill them just by looking at them! We are planning on giving him a part of the garden to grow things in, but he’s going to have to do it on his own steam. This is such a lovely way to give your son some creative outside space. #familyfun

    1. Thanks. I am hoping to do more with it this year because he’s a little older and will hopefully be able to understand about growing things and not pulling them apart now!

  4. This is such a good idea. I’ve been trying to think of things I can do in the garden with Molly. She would love this. Thanks for the idea. #familyfun

  5. Nice idea

    I think my parents made me something similar when I was younger. My own part of the garden where I was allowed to plant anything I wanted and hope it grew. Cant remember what I ended up putting in it though as it was many years ago.

  6. This is great I love the pencils they’re a nice touch well done! Our garden isn’t huge but I’m sorting it out so it’s more child friendly for this year to play in. I am planning on getting a sand/water table and keep thinking I should go DIY instead… ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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