Magic of The “Green Gem” – Why You Need To Ditch The Diamond For Emerald Rings?

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Sure, diamonds are dazzling, but the specialness of any high-end accessory is diminished the more common it becomes. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, emerald jewellery will fulfil this ambition. So what makes emeralds so alluring, and why should you choose them over diamonds if you’ve got the choice?

Introducing emeralds

From summer outfits to winter wardrobes, emeralds are an incredibly versatile gemstone, and this also makes them highly desirable.

Diamonds are definitely the big dogs of the jewellery market, but emeralds are right up there with them, sitting pretty alongside sapphires and rubies.

Another point to make about emeralds is that they have a long history of being used in jewellery, with ancient civilizations coveting them just as much as modern buyers. This means that they have a higher profile than more recently popularized precious and semi-precious gems, such as Tanzanite.

Exploring their uses

As mentioned, emeralds are aesthetically versatile, and they are also featured in many styles of jewellery, so there’s something for people of all tastes and budgets.

From Diamondere’s emerald rings for women, to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, brooches and everything in between, you’ll find this vivid green gem everywhere.

Indeed emeralds are often not just used on their own but are combined with other stones to create a set design that compliments the gems it features. Emeralds and white diamonds make excellent bedfellows, for example, so don’t be surprised if you see them side by side.

Understanding their meanings

For plenty of people, gems are more than just easy on the eye; they have a deep, cosmic meaning and even provide special traits and abilities. Obviously, it’s tricky to prove any such claims scientifically, but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting and significant.

Emeralds are the official birthstone of the month of May, and so if your birthday falls in this month, buying an emerald ring is a good way to represent something unique about your background. Likewise, if you’re choosing a gift for a loved one who’s got a May birthday, this is a good guiding principle as well.

Unsurprisingly the green colouring of this gem is linked with all the joys of spring, symbolizing the return of new growth after the ravages of winter. It’s also thought that if you wear emerald jewellery, you’ll receive good luck, and may even have an insight into how the future will play out.

Making a statement

Jewellery fashions come and go, and diamonds seem to endure throughout. However, emeralds are just as resilient in this regard, so if you choose a ring which uses this stone then you won’t be taking a risk. There’s a timelessness to emeralds that ensures they’ll still look incredible as they are passed down through the generations.

For this reason, plenty of people choose engagement rings or even wedding bands for a destination ceremony which are set with emeralds. Whether or not you believe in the magical properties of this green gemstone, you will certainly feel all eyes on you when wearing emerald jewellery.

Natural or synthetic?

The final thing to note about emeralds is that, like diamonds, they can now be grown in a lab. This is an important point to note when buying jewellery, as the difference between natural and synthetic gems is mainly one of price and desirability.

Make sure you buy from a reputable retailer and have a clear understanding of where and how the stones were sourced from so that you aren’t left feeling disappointed or duped.

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