November Gardening Jobs

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As November settles in, the UK garden undergoes its final transformation before winter completely takes over and halts most growth. However, just because the season is becoming colder it doesn’t mean that the garden should be neglected, there are plenty of things you can still be getting on with. Here are just some of the November gardening jobs that could be carried out…

Clearing and Composting

November marks the last opportunity to clear away those spent annuals and any remaining debris from the growing season. Tidy up your garden beds, and remove weeds and dead plant material. All of this can be added to your compost heap, ready to provide you with some wonderful compost come next year.

Winterizing Perennials

Protect your perennial plants from the harsh winter conditions by mulching around their bases. A layer of well-rotted compost or bark can help to insulate the soil, preventing frost damage and providing a slow-release source of nutrients. You could also trim back any remaining dead growth to encourage healthy regrowth in the spring.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

November is an ideal time for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs. Remove any dead or damaged branches, and shape the plants to maintain their size. Be cautious with evergreen shrubs, as excessive pruning can lead to winter damage. Mulch around the base of trees to conserve moisture and insulate the roots.


Bulb Planting Continues

If you haven’t already, November is your last chance to plant spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses. Take advantage of the cool soil to encourage strong root development. Ensure proper spacing and planting depth, and water the bulbs well after planting.

Preparing the Lawn for Winter

Give your lawn some attention by mowing it on a dry day. Set the mower at a higher cutting height to avoid stressing the grass. Continue to clear fallen leaves regularly, preventing them from smothering the lawn. If moss is an issue, consider applying a moss control treatment.

Greenhouse Care

As temperatures drop, pay special attention to your greenhouse. Insulate it if possible to conserve heat, and consider using a greenhouse heater to maintain a minimum temperature. Watering requirements may decrease, so adjust your watering routine accordingly. Remember to ventilate your greenhouse on mild days to prevent humidity buildup.


Protecting Tender Plants

For those with tender plants or exotic specimens, November is the time to provide protection. Move potted plants indoors or into a sheltered area. For plants in the ground, consider covering them with horticultural fleece or mulching around their bases to insulate the roots.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening

November is a challenging time for wildlife, so continue to support them in your garden. Keep bird feeders filled with high-energy foods like suet balls and peanuts. Create sheltered areas with piles of leaves and log piles, providing safe havens for insects and small mammals.

By tackling some or all of these gardening jobs, you will not only protect your plants from winter’s chill but you will also set the stage for a vibrant and thriving garden come spring.

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