From Nursery To Toddler Room In A Few Simple Steps

from nursery to toddler room in a few simple steps

With a new baby on the way we felt it was time to put some focus onto Jake. We decided the best way to do this was to update his bedroom before we begin on the new nursery. His room has been kept almost the same since he was born and as he will be four this year we felt it was time for it to shift from nursery status to little boys room. 


It was all very cutesy but now that he’s a boy who is very much into trucks, diggers, trains, tractors etc. he needed a room to reflect this.

With the theme in mind, I set about searching the internet for products that could replace his nursery items and update his room without costing us too much money and without the need for any redecorating. 

The first change in mind was the canvas pictures, which turned out to be the biggest problem and challenge! I hunted on every site imaginable for three canvasses the same size as the bear ones or near on. I wanted one image of a truck, one of a digger and one of a cement mixer… or something as close to that as I could get. Could I find any? No. What I wanted did not seem to exist. I looked on Etsy to enquire about having some commissioned but I just could not justify the prices (some were over £75!) because for all I knew he could be into something different next year. I then had an idea…

I had spotted that Home Bargains sold three blank canvasses for under £3 and even though I don’t have an ounce of an artists flair in my body I decided it was worth me giving it a go and getting what Jake wanted than paying out for somebody else to do it. Using his new ornaments as stencils I easily drew around these to get the basic shape which gave me something to work to. The hardest part was applying the paint… I have a new found respect for anybody who paints freehand. 


I spent several nights working on adding the colour and trying to get it as neat as possible… I knew Jake wouldn’t notice a few mistakes but I definitely would! The finished pictures aren’t perfect but they are the best I could do and he loves them, so that is all that matters.


All in all, I probably spent around £15 on these after purchasing a large set of acrylic paints and brushes on top of the canvasses. 


The ornaments that I drew around were £1.50 each and from a charity shop can you believe?! They were perfect for going up on his wall. 


My next purchase was a new light shade with the vehicle theme continuing. I bought this from eBay for £19.99.


The border was also a difficult choice because there are just so many available. I looked at several styles repeatedly over a week before finally deciding on this one from eBay. It is £8.95 a roll and we needed 2 to complete his room.

Quick tip: It is self-adhesive but if you use wall paper paste on the wall it will come off much more easily when you come to change the room again and shouldn’t pull the paintwork away. 

I was very happy to see how well it tied in with his current bedspread.


The finishing touch came courtesy of Ollie and Leila who contacted me about reviewing their truck cushion which was perfect for Jake’s room. This cushion is handmade from 100% cotton and the detail in the truck is just brilliant. It is padded on the cushion front for comfort and is also machine washable at 30° which is always a plus when you have a child who often has mucky paws! I really love the tie detail on the back instead of a zip.


As soon as it came out of the packaging, Jake was jumping for joy and couldn’t wait to put it on his bed.

It even has a matching bedspread which is definitely next on my shopping list! You can purchase the cushion here for £25.


And here is the completed look:



So, I have one very happy three-year-old who thinks he says his room is now ‘very cool’ and we did it all for approximately £80 and not a paint tin in sight.


Em xx 


For more on kid’s interiors why not visit my post on storage ideas which includes the bookcase in the pictures.


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from nursery to toddler room in a few simple steps



*I received the cushion in exchange for this review. As always all views are my own and honest. For more information please refer to my disclosure page.


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6 thoughts on “From Nursery To Toddler Room In A Few Simple Steps

  1. I think you certainly triumphed in your makeover. It’s so true that it can be done on a budget and your artistic efforts are great. As for worrying about being perfect I’m certain all artists feel that way. #TriumphantTales

  2. Trust me as a fellow failed artist, your skills are so much better than mine hahah! This room is fab and it shows just how accessories can transform a room! It looks fab!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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