Our Engagement Story

our engagement story

*Collaborative Post

We have recently celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary and even though I have previously written about our wedding in Rhodes, I have never told you about our engagement, which incidentally also had a Greek feel!

In October 2011, we decided to take our annual holiday on the island of Zante. We were hoping for sunshine, tans, lazing on the beach… unfortunately, in reality, we arrived to this:

Yep, heavy storms were battering the island and for the first few days, we were stuck inside our hotel room using towels to stop the rainwater from flooding us! It wasn’t quite turning out to be the romantic getaway we had imagined.

However, as the rain began to subside we decided we weren’t going to let it ruin our trip and we started to make the most of the rest of our week… little did I know that my then-boyfriend had wanted this holiday to be extra special!

me in the choppy sea
Making the best of the storms!

We made up for the dire weather by doing what we do we best; laughing together. We sat on a chilly beach and paddled in the cold water, we made friends with the stray dogs, we walked and talked for hours whilst taking in the sights and we found some quaint Tavernas to eat in at night.

The best night by far was the Greek night at a local bar. We spent the evening eating amazing barbeque food, watching Greek dancers, joining in with the Greek dancers and making new friends with other holidaymakers from the area. It turned what had been a dull and dreary holiday into a fun-filled one which really surprised me.

The sun finally began to shine towards the end of our stay and our moods had really picked up.

On the last night, we went to a restaurant next to the beach and enjoyed a traditional Greek meal whilst watching the sunset. The walk back to our hotel was along the beach and I started to think Rob may be up to something as he was asking me to walk slower and encouraging me to stop to take in the night sky. Just as I was wondering why he was acting a bit odd, I turned around and found him going down on one knee. I was so taken aback that at first, I thought he may have tripped in the dark! But then I heard him ask ‘Emma, will you marry me?’ and I was speechless. A beautiful, simple diamond ring was being presented to me and the only thing I could do was giggle and say yes!

We wandered back to the hotel not really knowing what to say, it was quite a giddy moment. I couldn’t wait to get the ring into proper lighting to have a really good look at it though! I was not disappointed, the boy did good. After six years he knew my taste…

As soon as we arrived home in England, we started planning our wedding– we knew we wanted it to happen quickly and that it did!

Sticking with both the beach and Greek themes we were married on a small, secluded beach on the island of Rhodes in May 2012 in front of our closest friends and family members; it was just the most beautiful day.

And to keep the engagement ring as the main focal point, I chose a very simple white gold wedding ring to complement it perfectly.

man and woman's hands with wedding rings on

We have even been lucky enough to return to Zante (when the weather was much, much better!) and we have shown Jake where his Daddy asked his Mummy to marry him. One day we will take both the boys to Rhodes to visit our stunning wedding venue and to make more memories.

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