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Having a pet can be almost as taxing, not to mention as expensive, as having a baby. When you’re taking on a new puppy for the first time, the amount of preparation and equipment can be overwhelming, not to mention the need to puppy-proof your home in much the same way you would for a toddler.

We bring you the low-down on all things puppy-related to get your home ready for your latest, furry addition.


Designated Space

Sure, there’s no way your puppy is going to get this straight away but given time and training there’s going to be an area of your home that your puppy can call his own. Get your Pet supplies in so he will find his favourite toys, his bed and maybe the odd treat in his space. Carve out a quiet corner of your house for him and create his safe space. When he’s safely tucked in his bed, make sure he’s not disturbed by other pets or curious children, this is his time.


puppy sat in a bowl



Puppy Proofing

When it comes to keeping your furniture and your puppy safe, prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that anything containing medication is safely stowed well out of the way, along with potentially harmful cleaning products and one of the things puppies like best of all: bags of rubbish.

In fact, any bags can trigger a puppy’s interest so stow your baby change bag, gym kit and so on safely out of the way.

Puppies are generally fairly clumsy and have fragile bones when young, so when they do climb on furniture, you’ll need to supervise them getting down and it goes without saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to climb on any tables or high chairs. If your child picks them up make sure they put them down quickly and calmly as the pup is likely to wriggle, putting it in danger of being dropped.




You’ll want to get started on this right away. It doesn’t have to be an arduous task but rather one that starts with rewarding the target behaviour you set for your pooch. Use a clicker to sound when you see good behaviour and follow that up with a reward. Your dog will soon learn to recognise the sound of the clicker as a positive thing and know they’re about to get a tasty treat for their good behaviour.

The trick with training is to be calm and consistent. Giving up after a week will not make any difference to your pet’s behaviour in the long term so stay focused on what you want to achieve.





Owning a new pet can be a fun, exhausting and ultimately very satisfying experience, much like having a child. While hard work, a pet can become a loving and treasured member of the family who provides hours of entertainment and gives everyone the opportunity to get out together for some fresh air. It also provides ample opportunity to help teach children about the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Open your home and your heart to your new pup and your family is complete.



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