Prepping to Pop – 3 Top Essentials for Your Go-Bag

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Are you ready to welcome your new little bundle of joy? Preparing to give birth isn’t only about getting your nursery room dressed and Instagram-ready – the delivery itself can be a major event that calls for unique readiness. So aside from the cost and your doctor’s delivery plan, you also need to make sure you’re ready to respond when those contractions kick in.

A go-bag is a pre-packed bag of essentials that you can just pick up and take to the hospital when you feel you’re about to burst. The beauty of it is that it eliminates last minute prep so you can get prompt medical attention without a moment to lose.

If you’re giving birth for the first time, there might be a few things you’ll forget to load into your go-bag. Read through this list to find out the bare essentials you’ll need to prepare to guarantee smooth sailing.


Personal Care Products

There are over a handful of personal care products that you might want to stuff into your go-bag – both for you and your baby. For your little one, that might include baby powder, diapers, baby wipes, cotton, and clean drinking water (to wipe and clean her when necessary. Never give drinking water to a newborn!)

For mum, the essentials often include maternity pads (regardless of whether you’re giving birth normally or via C-section), feminine wash, oral care products, dry shampoo (you might not be able to have the energy to shower too soon after delivery), deodorant, and your favourite fragrance. Try to pack along a lasting scent, like those from Copycat Fragrances – it’ll keep you feeling fresh and clean even during the yucky, mucky days after giving birth.


Blankets, Pillows, and Anything to Keep You Comfy

Even the most expensive hospital room will feel like an unfamiliar and cold space that might stress you out during those first few hours after becoming a mum. So bring along extra pillows, blankets, and other essentials to keep you, your baby, and your hubby comfortable throughout the experience.

Plush pillows can help you recline more comfortably for breastfeeding, and can provide necessary support under your arms while you hold baby for hours. Plus, extra blankets and pillows for your husband will keep him from complaining about the uncomfortable hospital sofa well into the future.


baby feet poking out from under a blanket



Lactation Necessities

Some women will actually struggle to produce breastmilk which is vital for your newborn’s health. Even if you successfully managed to breastfeed one of your older children, there’s no guarantee that you won’t have trouble the next time around. A manual breast pump can help get stimulate production.

Post-natal supplements and vitamins known to increase breastmilk supply should also find a spot in your go-bag. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask your hospital’s lactation consultant for advice and assistance. If they determine that there might be an urgent need for breastmilk that you may not be able to satisfy, they’ll likely have access to breastmilk donations that your baby can consume for the meantime.



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