Products That Every Expectant Mum Needs In Their Life

products that every expectant mum needs in their life

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When you fall pregnant your mind immediately flicks to what the baby will need once it is born; clothes, hats, crib, nursery items, bottles, dummies, baby bath and so on. But what about your needs whilst you are carrying your baby for nine months? Putting yourself first can go straight out of the window because you are too busy looking forward to the future. Yet, here you are growing another person, your body is ever-changing and you can end up experiencing symptoms you had never imagined. You need to look after yourself and you deserve to feel relaxed and pampered at times too. That’s why I have compiled this list of must-have products for expectant mums.


Early on in your pregnancy you will most probably feel or be sick. For most people, this lasts approximately for the first 12 weeks but there are a few of us that can feel sick for weeks longer or even all the way through. I have been very sick this time around and found that none of the usual remedies were working… until I discovered sea bands. Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristband can be worn throughout the day and work their magic via acupressure. The bands are elasticated and are comfortable to wear. Each has a plastic knob sewn into them which is worn on the inside of the wrist to stimulate the pressure point which aids in reducing sickness caused by pregnancy or travel (clear instructions are given with the item). For me, I found they helped to balance out my dizzy spells which in turn helped nausea.

sickness band on my wrist

Legs and Ankles

Pregnancy can also bring on restless legs, twitching in your calves and swollen ankles. I remember often waking with restless legs in the night during my last pregnancy and nothing I did could combat this. Swollen ankles tend to come later on (during the third trimester) and after a long day at work, I remember being in agony by the evening. The restlessness has already caused me an issue so far and I was eager to find a solution this time around. So, you can imagine how overjoyed I was when Venosure got into contact with me to tell me about their maternity compressions socks. They are designed to be worn during and after pregnancy to reduce swollen ankles, sore legs and prevent varicose veins. For £14.99 I was only expecting one pair but I was so pleased to find two pairs in the packet, meaning I would be able to wear them regularly in the week.

I have been using mine on days where my legs are very uncomfortable– usually from running around after a three year old!– and I have felt a difference almost immediately from popping them on. The socks grip around your calf muscle and provide support and relief from aches, and best of all, you don’t even notice you have them on. By the evening, I can take them off and not have any swelling or pain through the night.


Another solution for swollen feet and ankles is to use a foot spa. However, some people claim that the vibrations in an electric version can bring on premature contractions. With this in mind, I needed to look for something that would not only do the job but would also be safe for me and my baby. Prezzybox had the perfect product. An inflatable foot spa accompanied by three boxes of relaxing infusions which transform the water into a luxurious thick gel all for just £22.99. You get the choice of cool spa, refreshing or soothing infusions and each has a different aroma and colour. The gel is such a strange sensation to begin with but once it starts to take effect you can just feel your aches and pains washing away and your feet relaxing. Once you have finished your pamper session you simply add another sachet of powder which returns the gel back to water. The spa is so comfortable as it is inflatable and not made from plastic which I often find ruins the experience and it is also a brilliant item if you are tight on space!



Do you find that you suffer from more aches or pulled muscles during pregnancy? This is due to the relaxin hormone which ‘relaxes’ your muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to prepare the body for giving birth. I have definitely had more pulls from doing very little this time than I did in my first pregnancy and twice now I have hurt my shoulder just from rolling over in bed! Luckily, I am in quite a few business groups online and when I mentioned my problems, Dueyna suggested I gave her Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion a try. With my neck and shoulders becoming more painful I quickly took her up on her suggestion and let my hubby treat me to a massage… lucky guy eh! The lotion goes on very easily and as it begins to work into the skin a tingling sensation kicks in. The lotion gradually turns to feeling warm and this is what really helps to relax the muscles. Please note that this should not be used around your bump area but can be safely applied to other areas of the body, including your feet, back and even your temples when you have a headache.

forever living heat lotion


A product that saw me through last time was my Bra Extension Straps which were a lifesaver when my bras repeatedly became too tight around my ribs. If you find that your breasts change size and shape quite regularly throughout your pregnancy these extensions will save you a lot of money on new bras.

bra extensions

Stretch Marks

I don’t have one stretch mark from my pregnancy with Jake and I credit this to using Bio-Oil liberally twice a day throughout. I may have been a little too generous with how much I used but I made sure I rubbed it in well all over my bump, my hips, sometimes my thighs and around my breasts. It is also a lifesaver if you have a c-section as it helps to reduce scarring.




One item that I didn’t have the first time around was a Yoga Ball. These are so beneficial in helping with pelvic alignment, your overall fitness and to alleviate aches in your lower back. Many women will also use these to bring on labour by bouncing slightly and during labour as they are very comfortable to lay on your front on.

me on yoga ball

I hope these products for an expectant Mum have really helped you and I wish you all the best in your pregnancy.

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*I received some of these items in exchange for this review. As always all opinions remain honest and my own. I have also included Amazon affiliate links which will not affect your shopping experience it simply means that I will be compensated if you choose to purchase the item via these links. For more information please refer to my disclosure page.

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    1. Hi, the lotion I believe is meant for muscle pain so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for somewhere bony like your hips. If you are concerned I would speak to a doctor first but a simple heat pad/hot water bottle (obviously covered) or lying on a pillow would be better and definitely safe.

  1. Hi my friend is early stages of pregnancy about 3 weeks and somehow hurt her coxis and has been told it’s inflamed would the aloe heat lotion be ok to use?

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