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There are many myths about resistance training (also known as strength training). Chief among which is the belief that weight-lifting results in squared-off shoulders, giving the physique of an upside down tortilla chip. The desire to look trim without looking like you could replace a flat without using a car jack can drive people towards cardio workouts, but there’s something you should know.

Cardio burns more calories during the workout in comparison to resistance training. That’s a fact. So, why are weights even worth our consideration? Good question. The answer is that when you engage your muscles with resistance training, your metabolism increases. When you stop training, your metabolism keeps ticking over at a higher rate for a longer period in comparison to cardio, ultimately resulting in more calories burned over the workout and rest period.

Resistance Training & Bumper Plates

When it comes to a variety of workouts, impact bumper plates provide users with a wide range of resistance training options. If you want to cut fat and tone up, bumper plates present you with a genuine alternative to the often slower results that are typically associated with dumbbells. Why? Because bumper plates act on combined muscle groups, as opposed to the individually targeted muscles that we see from dumbbell lifts. So, what is a bumper plate?

A bumper plate is a large rubber disc weight, normally seen placed at either end of a bench press bar in the gym. They are the largest weight on the bar, meaning they are the first to strike the floor (or ‘bump’ onto the floor, hence the name) when the weights bar is put down. But why would such large weights be useful at home?

As previously mentioned, dumbbells will target smaller areas of your body. Bumper plates give you the option to increase your calorie burn by involving multiple muscle groups. For example, weighted wall sits and ‘figure of eights’ are two exercises that, when used in combination, can target and tone legs, glutes, abs, and arms. Bumper plates are also ideal for using with squat racks and Russian twists, a workout combo that will target the legs, glutes, and core.

Training Without Weights

If you are new to the world of fitness and diet, starting small is the best way to ensure you don’t overdo things and inadvertently scare yourself away from achieving a stronger and more flexible body. Resistance bands are a great way of achieving this as they take the weight of your body as you perform an exercise but help to control the move. Which resistance bands are best? They come in a variety of resistance levels so be sure to pick the right band for your current flexibility level and look for good quality ones that will last the test of time.

Pushups and situps can be another great way to get started. In truth, they’re slightly boring, so you won’t want to keep up such a limited regime for long, but they’re free and they’ll get you started.

Your form is everything. Done wrong, pushups can hurt your hands and shoulders, and incorrect sit ups can result in strained back and neck muscles. Always make sure you follow the guidance … and consider investing in equipment such as bumper plates to augment your workout.

Resistance training improves strength, balance, and mobility. Failure to include resistance training as part of your workout (and instead choosing to focus solely on cardio) is a fast way to ensure your muscle tone and overall fitness do not reach their full potential.

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