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Lapland Letters

Christmas is a very special time in our household and not just because we have 2 boys who get very excited about Santa coming but also because it is one of their birthdays, meaning it’s double the fun! I always want to make each year magical but after having such a strange year, I wanted to bring Christmas into our home a little earlier than usual. 2020 has meant a lot of events have had to be cancelled and this will most probably include Santa’s Grottoes so what better way to bring a little Christmas magic than with our very own homemade grotto with Lapland Letters waiting for them?!

About Lapland Letters

Lapland Letters are personalised letters from Father Christmas/Santa (whichever you call him) to your child. They do a selection of 10 packages all of which come with a variety of extras including THE letter which can be tailored to include your child’s name, age, name of their best friend, home town and what they would really love for Santa to bring them this year.


Ordering your Lapland Letter couldn’t be easier. Simply select buy letters, choose which package you would like, select any extras and complete it by filling out the form with all of your child’s details that you would like to be included on their letter.

lapland letters website

I opted for the ‘Christmas is Coming’ letter which also comes with their Bumper Activity Pack including a 2020 Good Child Certifcate, Christmas Countdown and Santa Treat Sheet plus some free extras!


The letters arrive addressed to the children so just make sure that you are around to catch the postman if you don’t want them to open them straight away (one eagle-eyed child spotted his name and almost opened it!) All letters aim to be dispatched within 3-5 days but you can also select next day delivery if you feel you need it.

The BIG Surprise!

As I mentioned above, I had something big planned to surprise the boys with. I had decided to create a wonderful Grotto inside William’s room (as his had the perfect layout for my idea) in which the boys would walk down a “snowy” path way to the “snow covered” Grotto where the letters would be waiting for them.

I loved creating this for them and it didn’t take too much hardwork- would have been easier if I didn’t have a 3 year old undoing all of my work but hey ho, you can’t do much about it in 2020 can you?! (zero childcare)

I laid down fake snow on the floor, I bought fake snowballs, I used all the lights we had, I made a Grotto out of white table cloths and a snowy drape. I pulled out the small light up Christmas tree, the tinsel and suddenly this toddler room became a winter wonderland.

the bedroom transformed into a winter wonderland
the grotto

Once I collected Jake from school, I asked him to come upstairs where we switched on Christmas music and asked both boys to enter the bedroom. Their faces were just priceless. Bringing that Christmas magic into our home had been so worth it and they were blown away by it all.

the letters inside the grotto

If you’d like to see their full reactions you can do so over on Instagram...

When they found their letters they were so excited and couldn’t wait to see what Santa had to say. Having these personalised made the experience even more special and as I read them out, Jake could not believe that Santa knew exactly what he wanted but that he also knew his best friend and said that he had also been in touch with him. I don’t think I have ever seen Jake so happy and you could just see in his eyes how magical he found it all.

Jake with his arms up in celebration and william cheering whilst sat inside their grotto with their letters

The extra touches they received made receiving the letters even more fun. They both particularly loved the map which shows where Santa has to go and both adored having certificates to say they had been good. On top of this, William received reindeer food (oats) which he quickly opened and spread all over the grotto! A little bit early but I’m sure the reindeers will still find it! And Jake received a cookie making kit for us to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

the letters and extras opened and laid out on the floor

Overall Thoughts

We all loved the Lapland Letters and the extras inside were just perfect for the boys. You cannot beat a great letter from Santa to bring a little Christmas magic into your lives.

It is such a simple touch but one that they can keep, treasure and remember. To order yours head on over to their website here.

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*We were sent the Lapland Letters in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are our own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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