Review: Getting Beach Ready With UK Swimwear

getting beach ready with UK swimwear written on the sand area of the photo with the swimsuit to the left

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Getting beach ready can feel very different once you become a Mum, can’t it? I mean pre-kids it was all about the skimpy bikini, exfoliating, waxing, painting your toenails but these days it’s more about getting the right fit, making sure those boobs stay in place, finding something that won’t cut into those wobbly bits and most definitely getting a swimsuit that will last.

With my holiday coming up I was wondering what type of swimwear to go for so when UK Swimwear contacted me to review one of their items I was very excited. I’d already had a look at their website and loved so many designs which are a far cry from what I had been previously looking at on the high street. There were just so many options. Did I go for a swimsuit, a new bikini, a kaftan? It took quite a while to make my final choices and even then I had a list of options!

As I was going to Florida I wanted swimwear that would look great on the beach and even though black is my go-to colour for most things I decided to throw caution to the wind and went with a swimsuit that I wouldn’t usually pick. This gorgeous Maryan Mehlhorn Oasis Halterneck Swimsuit.

swimsuit laid out on a beach

With its bold print, that striking blue and an interesting cut on the bust, it just stood out to me. All of the swimsuits in this range are so gorgeous and I do still have my eye on a couple of the bikinis too!

When it arrived I loved it! However, when I put it on I did my usual ‘can I really get away with this?’ I am always doubting what I can wear which is why I always end up in my comfy clothes and in black or grey. So, I tried it on a few times to get used to this new look and it didn’t take me long to feel convinced.

One of the first things that really stood out to me was the fit of the swimsuit. As I mentioned above, I like to look for something that will fit my body now that it has changed after having kids. I struggle with the weight on my hips (muffin tops!) and I can bloat on my stomach some days which has been an ongoing problem since having a c-section. I hate high cut legs as I find these unflattering for my shape but I didn’t want to look frumpy. This costume provided me with the support around my middle, the leg was a perfect cut for me, the material was comfortable, soft and flattering and I loved the ruching effect on the front.

me stood on a beach in Florida wearing my UK Swimwear costume

Halter necks are always a comfortable fit on me due to my broad shoulders and as you can adjust the tie yourself, I could get the right fit for my shape which is something I can’t always achieve with normal shoulder straps.

The print is just beautiful, isn’t it? 

me stood in the sea wearing my swimsuit from UK swimwear

The back is low cut compared to my previous swimsuit and this did take a bit of getting used to. I think again, this was due to my own body confidence issues. It sat nicely across my lower back and held in place really well which is a bonus when you are chasing around after little people!

me walking down the beach with my baby

I also like the fact that the bust area has padded cups as it not only creates a nice shape, it also means you don’t end up leaving little to the imagination once you come out of the water (if you catch my drift!)

The only drawback for me personally was the low neckline. This swimsuit is perfect if you don’t have a toddler around you but unfortunately for me, I have one that is very clingy and one that is also still breastfeeding. Having the low cut on the swimsuit meant he saw this as pretty easy access! Sigh. This then meant that he would pull at the swimsuit which caused a few embarrassing moments. I think it is perfect if you don’t have tiny children around you and is ideal for any future spa days for me.

me holding baby on the beach

Overall, this is a fantastic swimsuit both in quality and in style. I felt so classy in it which is something I never thought I’d say about a swimsuit and I just adored the look and the feel of it. I didn’t worry once about my wobbly areas and I felt supported even when swimming.

To see what else UK Swimwear have to offer you can check out their full range on their website.

*I received the swimsuit in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions remain my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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19 thoughts on “Review: Getting Beach Ready With UK Swimwear

  1. You picked a really nice swimsuit, the cut at the busy is ‘sexy’ and it’s modest at the same time. The print is lovely! Unfortunately for me I have quite a long torso so I can’t wear swimming costumes comfortably! I usually opt for a bikini but I’ve got some stretch marks from my July baby and not sure what I’ll do this summer x

  2. Love this print! We are going on holiday in August and I would love to wear a bikini again but don’t think I will ever be able to again, so this looks like a beautiful alternitive. You look amazing by the way x

    1. They do actually do a bikini version of this which I almost went for but I thought I’d get more use out of an all in one. They have some stunning designs on their website. Thank you xx

  3. You look incredible! I’ve been frantically searching for a swimsuit for our holiday that looks fun but keeps me ‘tucked in’ in the right places but it seems like an impossible task to even find an all in one piece rather than bikini’s! So glad I found this, it looks great.
    Laura @ x

  4. Oh I love this, and you look amazing in it too! The print is gorgeous and perfect for a summer holiday. I love halter necks, they are so flattering I think!

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