Review: Keeping Our Car Safe With A PAJ GPS Car Tracker

PAJ GPS Car tracker pack

A car is one of the most important purchases some of us make in our lives. However, when it comes to car ownership it isn’t all about having the best of the best or spending a lot of money, it is more about the freedom to get around and quick and easy access to so many places. A car, in this modern world, really is an essential item. I wouldn’t be without mine and anytime I am for say maintenance issues, I find going about our usual weekly routine is tricky. We live in a large town and even though there are bus routes, we often have activities or appointments all over the area which isn’t always doable on public transport due to timings. So, keeping my car in tip-top condition and also safe is of utmost importance which is why I was eager to add to our vehicle’s security by getting a PAJ GPS Car Tracker. Read on to find out exactly what we thought of it in our review…

About PAJ

PAJ are an up and coming GPS Tracker Company who are passionate about protecting everything that matters to you. From car trackers to animal trackers, trackers for your luggage and even for your child they can provide you with all you need to keep you and your family safe.

PAJ Says: What makes PAJ GPS trackers different from other GPS trackers?

• Coverage in over 100 countries worldwide
• Track everything LIVE on your mobile devices and PCs
• Receive instant alerts from various alarm settings
• Compatible with Android, iOS and browser
• Stores the data of the travelled route for up to 365 days
• Share the location with your friends or police department in case of emergency

PAJ GPS Tracker Review

We chose the PAJ Power Finder 4G which can be used for locating/protecting cars, motorhomes, boats, scooters, motorcycles, beekeeping, horseback riding, containers, wood, garden tools, and luggage. At just 11.8cm long and 6.8cm wide it is a compact device that could fit discreetly in a variety of vehicles or places. Inside the box includes:

  1. Power Finder 4G
  2. USB adapter for charging and wall plug
  3. M2M SIM card (which is already in Finder)
  4. Quickstart leaflet with QR code
the PAJ GPS device and box

Getting Started

The device needs to be charged for 8-12 hours before use so do bear this in mind when you make your purchase as it won’t be ready immediately.

*Note that if you are in the UK like me you will need a travel adapter plug to charge the device.

In the meantime, you can set up your FINDER Portal via the app which can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Here you can learn how the GPS tracker will work, how to monitor it within the app and set up your monthly subscription which will allow real-time tracking and 365 tracking history all of which can be paid either monthly, annually or bi-annually.

The app will alert you in the following ways:

  • Motion / Vibration Alarm – Receive an alarm message when the GPS tracker is shaken or moved.
  • Drop Alert – Get an alert message when the GPS locator is lifted off a surface.
  • Geofence Alert – Alarm message when leaving the area defined by the GPS tracker.
  • Battery Alert – Get an alert message when the battery level is low.
  • Speed Alert – Alarm message when the GPS tracker exceeds a certain speed.

Putting The GPS Car Tracker To The Test

Once the GPS car tracker is fully charged you can link it to your app. This didn’t work straight away for me but once I moved the device around a little to find a signal I quickly had a connection with the app which correctly showed where my car was located.

**Street names blocked out for security purposes**
the device shown linked in the app

PAJ states that your tracker can be placed in any of the following areas:

  1. Glove Box
  2. Centre Console
  3. The lower side of the rear window
  4. In the boot
  5. Rear bumper
  6. Door storage of the vehicle
  7. Front bumper
  8. Directly onto the engine bay

What you will need to ensure with your chosen location is that you can still get a signal, that it is fully secured into place if you choose a hidden area such as the front bumper and that you can easily access it to recharge as and when required. Of course, the main purpose of having a GPS tracker for your car is to be alerted and to locate your car if it is ever stolen so keeping the tracker out of plain sight is going to be the best option. I chose to place ours inside the boot as it hopefully wouldn’t be easily seen.

So far I can happily say that we haven’t had to use the tracker for this scenario but I feel much more confident now that we have one inside the car and know that if the worst ever did happen we could aid the police in locating it.

It would also be useful to track one of us if we ever got lost, broke down or had an accident. Your location could be sent to a partner/family member or friend to help them find you quickly and easily. This is ideal if you are driving alone at night, are going somewhere a little unfamiliar or if you have children in the car with you.

the app options

Another benefit of having a car tracker like this is that in some cases, it may bring your insurance payments down. I haven’t got around to asking ours yet but I would definitely advise looking online or giving yours a quick call to see if they take this on board when providing quotes.

Overall Thoughts

So far, the GPS car tracker has worked well for us. It has a long battery life (up to 90 days), it is splash-proof, can withstand a range of temperatures and links well to the app. Having a device like this has really put our minds at ease and now I am even considering having a smaller version to pop into my son’s school backpack for when he walks to and from school. It is such a simple way of keeping everybody and everything safer.

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*This is a paid collaboration with PAJ but as always all thoughts are my own and honest. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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