Seeking Insurance for a Property Damaged in a Wildfire? This Article Is for You

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Wildfires are common in the US. Your life savings will burn in hours. The damage might be too much to handle alone, so consider seeking compensation for your fire loss. Speak with a US wildfire damage lawyer familiar with the specifics of filing a claim.

Let’s examine the fundamental knowledge you should have while looking for insurance for wildfire-damaged property.

Wildfires in the US

Many dream of owning a home in the US because of the endless sunshine and great opportunities. But it is not all paradise. You risk being exposed to wildfires. The reasons behind this are:

  • Extensive vegetation
  • Strong winds
  • Dry climate

Property Damage Insurance

Although fire damage is covered by home insurance, it’s crucial to check that the policy is still acceptable given the rise in wildfire damage in the United States.

The purpose of wildfire insurance is to cover the monetary damages they cause. However, depending on the kind of insurance offered and the particular terms and conditions provided by the insurance plan provider, the scope of coverage may change. Wildfire insurance gives the following coverage:

Dwelling Coverage

This covers the cost of rebuilding or replacing the house’s structural framework and any associated buildings, such as a garage or deck. Homeowners are covered to the extent specified by the coverage’s limitations, which are usually established by accounting for the labor, supplies, and other costs of reconstructing the complete house.

Please review your insurance coverage and ensure it is up-to-date. Remember, living costs are rising, and building materials are getting more expensive. So, confirm how much coverage you need and ensure it is proportional to the rising price of rebuilding your house.

Keep in mind that you might be responsible for the difference if your insurance does not cover the whole cost of repairing your property. Think about boosting your insurance coverage to prevent this.

Condo Coverage

Condo insurance will pay for the destruction of inside walls in your living area caused by wildfires. On the other hand, external damages will be covered by the homeowners association (HOA).

Every policy is different, and during wildfires, they can help you, as the policyholder, meet the costs of:

  • Reconstructing
  • Repairing
  • Replacing personal properties

Personal property insurance is similar to homeowners insurance because it allows condo owners to get reimbursed for the expenses incurred in replacing personal belongings destroyed by a wildfire, such as:

  • Jewelry 
  • Appliances 
  • Furniture 
  • Gadgets

Additional Living Costs Insurance

With this type of insurance, you could continue living comfortably as repairs to your damaged home are underway. What we mean is that if you have set your extra structure coverage at 15% of the dwelling coverage, which is $300,000, then your additional structure limit shall be $45,000.

Inferno glowing, steel melting, factory exploding horror generated by artificial intelligence
Inferno glowing, steel melting, factory exploding horror generated by artificial intelligence

Property Damage Lawyer

If your property is damaged by fire, contact a wildfire damage attorney. They will communicate with the insurance providers and represent you in the negotiations for just compensation. Take the necessary data from the damage you have suffered and present it to a property damage lawyer.

Attorneys with experience handling property damage and wildfire destruction cases can assess the degree of the damage and determine the worth of your claim. They can help you at every turn and ensure that you get paid what you are due.


Fire is covered by home insurance, but you must confirm with your insurance agent beforehand. Wildfires in the US are common, especially in states like California, where there is extensive vegetation, strong winds, and a dry climate.

You should not worry because several policies are in place to ensure you are covered in case of wildfires. Consult your wildfire damage attorney if you are involved in such accidents.

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