Simba Single Mattress Review

William on his Simba mattress
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It had come to that time when we had to think about saying goodbye to the cot bed and move the youngest into a more grown-up, single bed. With William still waking in the night, we felt we had already tried every avenue and I even more recently changed his duvet to help with making his bed more snuggly but it still didn’t work and I realised that the best course of action would be to provide a bigger bed in which he wouldn’t be banging into the sides and most importantly, one with a much more substantial and comfortable mattress. The mattress in his cot is perfect for a baby but with the extra weight and movement now as an almost 3-year-old, it just wasn’t up to the job anymore. Thankfully, the lovely people over at Simba got in touch and as my mattress is by them and I love it, I knew their single mattress would be spot on for William.

Ordering and Delivery

The Simba website couldn’t be any easier to navigate. You simply search for the type of mattress you are after, select the size, you are given additional extras to choose from, such as a topper, and you pop it all into your basket. From here, you get to choose your delivery day and we managed to secure a slot just a few days from ordering. It was all very quick and simple.


The Simba mattresses always arrive rolled and vacuum packed and the reason for this is to help to reduce their carbon footprint on their journey to you. It takes up far less room and is a really efficient way of protecting the mattress too. This comes inside a cardboard box which can be recycled.

the Simba box

They also supply you with a Q and A booklet plus a very handy cutter which makes light work of the shrink wrap.

the cutter for the wrapper

Sustainability Matters

When it comes to buying new, I have to be sure that a company is doing its utmost to help to protect our environment and I am pleased to be able to report that Simba are working hard to ensure this.

“We make an effort to ensure that the manufacturing process for Simba is as environmentally friendly as possible. Using only British wool and ensuring 100% of waste foam and springs from the manufacturing process is sold on for use in other products, such as flooring underlay and dog beds”

If you ever have to return a mattress, this will be recycled, with no waste being sent to landfill and on top of this, no materials are tested on animals.

Using The Mattress

Once you unwrap your mattress you should ideally leave it for 3 hours to regain its shape. On opening, the first thing you notice is the quality of it. The size difference compared to William’s old mattress was quite hilarious but this thickness is there for a reason- layers and layers of technology.

comparing the two mattresses

The Simba single mattress is made up of a zoned support base, a high definition foam with edge support, a unique patented titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer, an open-cell foam layer and finally a breathable sleep surface. Not only does this make it incredibly comfortable, but it is also good for your back and will help your body to cool on those warmer nights.

the thickness of the mattress
the bed with the mattress on

As soon as we had it all set up, William was buzzing and gave his new mattress a good test by jumping, running and laying on it.


before shot of his cot bed


after shot of his new bed

He seemed very happy but we knew the sleep test was the biggest one that it had to pass…

Sleep Test

The very first night was all far too exciting and William was up and down like a yo-yo, a bit confused about this new bed and the size of it. I didn’t expect him to settle straight away anyway and knew that we needed time for him to understand this change.

It didn’t take him long at all and by night 3 he actually proved to us that he COULD sleep all the way through the night! And he has continued to surprise not only us but himself too. He is quite shocked when he comes down in the morning to find that he’s not joined us in the night and I really do put it down to him having this extra room and comfort.

William on his new bed looking very happy with our puppy reaching up to look

Overall Thoughts

Simba already had a huge thumbs up from us as we were previous customers (we have their duvet and pillows as well as their mattress for our own bed). I am so glad that we have given this same quality to William because 3 years of waking hasn’t only affected us but it has done him too and it is so important that he can sleep for 12 hours straight especially as he no longer naps and will be starting pre-school very soon too. If you are looking for a well-designed, comfortable mattress for you or your children I can highly recommend Simba.

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*We were sent the Simba single mattress in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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