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We all know that finding the right childcare for the kid’s school breaks can be a bit of a task. Not only do you have to work out the logistics of getting your child/children to Grandparent’s homes, the childminder, to friends and so on, you also have that worry that their full needs may not be met and that they won’t get enough mental stimulation or exercise being away from school. Being a parent brings so many decisions and guilt, doesn’t it? But have you ever considered a kids activity day camp instead of the other usual options? Not only will this provide your child with a wide variety of fun activities throughout the day, but they will also socialise and make new friends, spend plenty of time outside and have great fun at the same time! Barracudas Activity Day Camp can offer all of this…


Barracudas Activity Day Camp

With 25 years of experience, Barracudas Activity Day Camp are a family-owned business designed to give your child the fun and stimulation they require throughout the Easter break and summer holidays. They are OFSTED registered outstanding across the majority of their camps, they adhere to the Early Years curriculum requirements and every member of staff has an advanced level DBS check. On top of this, they all attend a full training day, complete extensive online training and attend an on-site training day before they’re able to work at a camp. Children aged 4 1/2 up to 14 years can attend a Barracudas Activity Day Camp and sessions run all day, five days a week. 


What Activities Will My Child Get Up To?

With over 80 activities for the camp to choose from which are scheduled out across the weekly timetable, your child will most definitely find plenty of things to fall in love with! Having once worked as a manager at a kids activity camp, setting out the timetable was one of my favourite and also one of the most tricky tasks to do for the week. Having so much choice of activities from arts and crafts to archery, quad bikes and capture the flag, treasure hunts and STEM led sessions, there was just so much that got me excited, let alone the kids!

Of course, the activities will be chosen dependent on their age bracket and also on their educational needs. The 4-5 year olds will still be under the Early Years Programme and will, therefore, all have extra support and help as well as daily logbooks for parents to read. Their timetable will be set out in picture form rather than words which will allow them to understand what the day holds. They will also have their own safe area to rest in, read books, play with toys and even nap if need be. Their activities will range from arts to games, parachute fun, playdough, water slide, bouncy castle, Gruffalo trail, talent shows and more.

Older children will have the opportunities to try out quad bikes, archery, go-karts etc as well as similar activities to the younger age groups. 

Some activities will be spent in their age groups and others will be suitable for the entire camp to take part in which means that your children will also get the opportunity to mix with different ages, they will get to learn how to play as a team and will be able to socialise with everybody who attends during the day/week.

The timetables are set out to provide a mixture of calmer activities such as art, mentally stimulating activities such as volcano making and physical activities such as sports games. The timetable will be available for both parents and children to view and you can discuss what it may entail with a staff member. 

No 2 days will ever be the same!

“At Barracudas, your child isn’t just participating in amazing activities, they’re becoming part of the group and, along with the staff and their peers, shaping a unique camp atmosphere. It’s all about making memories at our activity camps. They’ll not only develop key skills but also find new passions with our unrivalled variety of activities and breadth of choice”

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What Will My Child Get Out Of It?

From having worked 2 school holidays myself in an activity camp I can say from personal experience that children get so much out of a setting like this. I watched as shy children came out of their shells, I saw friendships being made, children learning how to work as a team, learning how to problem-solve, learning how to work out their differences, developing their communication skills, learning new physical skills and working out how to work in groups of varying ages. I loved watching older children helping the younger ones out with tricky tasks and then watching the younger ones learning from their older peers. The relationships between the children and staff were also amazing. Staff members in activity camps are carefully chosen and they are good all-rounders, they are forward-thinking, positive people who love to develop young minds. It wasn’t them and us, the entire camp was one whole team who got to know one another over the weeks. 

The children went away from the camp happy, excited to tell their parents what they’d been up to and with a new passion or skill. It is a place full of fun, full of new opportunities, a place to learn without it actually feeling like learning and a place they love going back to each day.


Theme Days

Every Friday is a theme day where your child can come in dressed up or choose to make outfits and props at the camp during the day. It is a day for even more fun and for your child to express themselves in whatever way they choose.


Activity Day Camp Hours

You can drop your child off for full days at Barracudas Activity Day Camps from 8:30am-5:30pm or if you need extended hours you can arrange for the longer session of 8am-6pm. Just select the options via the booking form

The activities will begin from 9:30am with 2 scheduled breaks as well as a lunch break.

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Payments can be made in full, in instalments and the camp also accepts childcare vouchers. The camp also offers a customer protection plan which means that for an extra £3 per day you can protect yourself against any of those ‘life moments’ that crop up which may get in the way of your child making it to camp. If your child cannot attend that day for whatever reason, you will receive a full refund for each day missed with this protection plan. You can book online or via telephone.


Finding a Camp

With 48 camps located across the South East and Midlands, you should be able to find a camp within close proximity to your home. You can check what camps are near you here. Either type in your postcode or click on the map to find the details for your nearest camp. Prices and availability will be found here too.


If you are looking for a fun-packed, activity-filled holiday childcare solution then look no further than a Barracudas Activity Day Camp.

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