Start the Year in Mexico with Three Must-See Destinations 

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Mexico has long been an appreciated holiday spot for travelers from North America. Still, it’s now gaining prominence among those from Europe who come to take advantage of the country’s breathtaking beauty, perpetual sunlight, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and remarkably rich traditions. 

In addition to taking into account tourist preferences and expert recommendations, we have considered a variety of factors when compiling these 3 must-see and top destinations in Mexico, including beaches, water-based activities, eateries, entertainment options, and historical sites. 

1. Tulum

Tulum has become a sought-after deluxe destination during the last ten years, but it still attracts bargain-seekers who recall the days when this hidden gem of Mexico’s eastern coastline used to be more of a private retreat. You’ll be able to check out the city’s extensive nightclubs and enjoy the combination atmosphere as the sun sets. But Tulum really becomes vibrant in the daylight. Here are some of the best-preserved Mayan ruins, with the Caribbean Sea’s azure waves serving as a picturesque background. 

Other magnificent sights include a number of cenotes, underground tunnels filled with water, and bio reserves. Not to be overlooked are Tulum’s coastlines, which entice the majority of tourists. Because of the white beach and turquoise waves, tourists tend to spend their vacations lounging in the blazing sunshine and listening to the rhythm of the ocean. Visiting Tulum needs maximum hydration for hair due to the salty weather; therefore, don’t forget to pack an elasticing shampoo

2. Puerto Vallarta

The Pacific beachfront city of Puerto Vallarta is another one of Mexico’s seaside getaways that is becoming more and more renowned. Often abbreviated as simply “Vallarta,” the city gained popularity as an amusement park for the affluent class of North America in the 1960s and, since then, draws a large number of foreign visitors seeking sunny, tropical locales for second residences. Much of it is still unaffected by modernization. 

These days, Puerto Vallarta’s abundance of attractions means that visitors of all ages—from younger ones seeking excitement through jet skiing and paragliding to older individuals hoping to spend time swimming with dolphins—are equally inclined to the city.

The city also offers plenty of places to go for handmade shopping or just take a leisurely walk along the various parks and artworks along the coastal promenades, which are ideal for people who want a slower-paced holiday.

3. Cozumel

The two most widely recognized attributes of this island are its coral reefs and passenger vessels. Visitors adore this location for its crystal-clear blue ocean, relaxed shorelines, safety and variety of water-based activities. Kayaks, paddleboards, and equipment for snorkeling are available from many outfitters and resorts. 

While you could consider spending all of your vacation in the water or lounging on the beach with a good book, Cozumel is also a serene place to learn about Maya cultures. Visit the San Gervasio historical region to see the Mayan remnants for a glimpse of pre-Hispanic civilization.

Mexico offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for tourists, including seeing pre-Columbian monuments, historic medieval settlements, white-powder sandy beaches, amazing festivals and gigantic canyons. Therefore, you must include these 3 destinations in your bucket list. 

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