Student Travel – Earn & Save (transferable jobs to take abroad)

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There’s no denying that students don’t quite have it as easy as certain people may think, and even though we may look back on our time at university and recall the late nights and the friends and the fun, there was a lot of hard work that went on in between the revelry. For many students, all of this time spent burning the candle at both ends leads to one conclusion: travel.

Why travel? Because travel reinvigorates all of us. It challenges our perceptions of the world and makes us think in new ways. It can lead to an empowered direction in life or shine a light on the misconceptions of who we thought we were. Travel does all of these things, alas, it doesn’t do them for free. You’re going to need money. Lots of it. And you’ll need to be strict on your savings goals. For more information on saving and debt, click here. But for now, you might want to consider getting a transferable part-time job that can help you save before you leave and help you find temporary employment abroad for those longer travel stays.


Waiting staff / bar work / hotels

Wherever you go in the world, hospitality is big business. From hotels, sports stadiums, and leisure centres, to the brightly lit restaurants and bars that line the tourist routes, there are jobs to be had working as hotel staff, waiting staff, or tending bars. If you have 1 year of experience during your studies at home, the likelihood is that your application to work at a similar venue abroad will be taken seriously. Of course, there could be visa consideration depending on where you live in the world and depending on where you wish to travel, but walking into a job when you arrive is one way to help with financial security as you travel.



Part-time childcare lends itself to becoming an au pair abroad. Where you have experience looking after children, your application to become a live-in au pair while you travel is likely to be taken more seriously than applications from other people who have no experience. This is a great opportunity for somebody who wants to go into a career in teaching or work with younger children to gain in-field experience that could further bolster their career. In a role like this, you may be able to earn and save simply by working in your spare evenings and weekends.


University positions

Universities are like small towns. There are many jobs that students can undertake in order to earn and save for their travel plans. And these skills are transferable to other universities abroad that could help you to earn as you travel. For example, there are typically research assistant roles and receptionist positions for multiple departments advertised frequently. Library assistant work and note-taking or transcribing are other areas that generally have a high turnover of student staff looking to earn money to earn and save some valuable extra money for their upcoming travel plans.



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