The Summer Holidays: Expectations Vs Reality

summer holidays expectations vs reality

Ahhhh, the summer holidays, the time of year when you get to spend more time with your kids, where routines and school runs go out of the window, the time of year when you romanticise how special every moment is going to be… shame reality takes over eh!


Waking Up

Expectation– Great, no pre-school run, no rushing around, we can just chill all morning in our pyjamas and watch TV.

Reality– 6am wake-up calls, early morning demands for breakfast, what are we doing today’s x23, do I have pre-school being asked over and over followed by the why not? 9am feels like 6pm.


Soft Play

Expectation– Oh good, he’s now old enough to go in by himself whilst I have a rest and scroll through Facebook!

Reality– He won’t go in alone and drags me through the smallest gaps, up the soft play and over obstacles… did I mention I’m pregnant?!


Expectation– He finally decides he is brave enough to go in alone

Reality– Pretty much five minutes pass until he comes out screaming and crying because an annoying bigger kid has run into him, knocked him backwards and he’s banged his head.


Going To Town

Expectation– Let’s have a nice stroll around time and look for some nice new clothes for Mummy.

Reality– Oh good, every other bloody person who lives in this town has had the same idea! Couple this with the crazy pushchair escape artist and you have a recipe for a stressed out Mother. Shouldn’t have bothered.


The Farm

Expectation– Today we will go to this lovely farm and feed the animals and take lots of fun photos for us to remember the day.

Reality– Child gets a splinter within 10 minutes of arriving and has tantrums over it for over an hour because he won’t let me look or try to get it out. Result is two of us holding him down whilst he screams bloody murder so I can pull out the smallest splinter which wasn’t even all the way in!




Expectation– I’m going to take you to a brilliant swimming pool that I used to go to as a kid, it’s an hour away but it’s totally worth it.

Reality– I’m sure it was bigger and better than this when I was little?! Oh great, it’s full of humongous kids who don’t realise their size- why do they always take over the baby area? Urghhhh.


Arts and Crafts

Expectations– I know, let’s create something amazing that will put those Pinterest Mums to shame!

Reality– Child bores far too easily and starts to paint with his hands. Black being his favourite colour… Cue paint being dripped all up the hallway, on the rug, in the downstairs sink, everywhere basically. I spend more time cleaning up than we actually do painting.



Expectation– We are going to spend so many days in the garden, playing in the paddling pool, enjoying the sunshine and just chilling.

Reality– Summer 2017 is the wettest summer EVER! 



Expectation– We really need this family holiday, it’s going to be lovely to get away and spend most days on the beach.

Reality– We chose Wales… see above comment about the wet summer… you can imagine the rest.

Making the most of it regardless of the rain!


All in all, these holidays are far too long and we are both feeling it. I can’t entertain him every minute of the day, he gets bored far too quickly, I’m much too tired and he’s mostly frustrated by that! My idealistic views of how our summer holidays would have been have completely vanished.


How are you finding it? I think the weather has had a lot to do with my overall mood. 


Em xx



3 thoughts on “The Summer Holidays: Expectations Vs Reality

  1. Haha I’ve been at work during most of the summer bar a couple of days here and there – it’s been my wife who has had all three kids at home. She’ll sympathise! And yes, the weather has been appalling and can’t believe it’s September in just over 1 days time!

  2. I will experinence summer holidays for the first time next year so I will report back then! ūüôā Thanks so much for joining us at #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

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