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Where Is The Love? For Our Planet and For Others…?

“People killing, people dying, children hurting, you hear them crying, can you practice what you preach? Would you turn the other cheek?… Where is the love?…”


Just recently as I have sat and heard the news of all that people are trying to do to raise awareness of climate change, as I have scrolled through Instagram seeing those that I follow make eco-swap after eco-swap and as I have read yet another passionate talk from Greta Thunberg, my heart has been filled with pride. Proud that at long last, people are standing up for our planet, that people are trying no matter how small a change it is and that the next generation are going to be the changers for this world but there’s a but… Urgh, I know! Where there is positivity, negativity seems to somehow follow. Continue reading “Where Is The Love? For Our Planet and For Others…?”

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